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Jinling Primary School 4th Grade Class 5 Club is one of the 10 classes in Grade 4.In this club,there are 33 students(16 boys and 17 girls),they meet each Wednesday afternoon during school terms.Each meeting they will be divided into 5 groups by themselves,then they will disscuss on a given topic.After disscussion,each group will choose one student,he or she will represent to summarize the group’s views and share them to other group.At the end of each meeting,Ms Ting Chen will review the meeting and ask the club members to prepare the next meeting.

To cultivate global awareness is the most important goal of our school.Our teachers have made great efforts on public speech training in English when the club members were in grade 1.In the past 4 years,over 2 members awarded the National Prize,4 members awarded the Regional Final Prize in English and Chinese public speech. Each member shared their own reading,traveling,studies in their life with ppt.They talked about our Chinese Traditional customs,the global environments and current affairs.They also shared their school life and our city civilazation with our foreign visitors from Australia in the past 4 years.
This year,with the promotion of their knowledge and language,our teacher will still organize several field trips and lectures to deepen their global awareness.We hope to cultivate their teamwork,value and other respects.We wish that,each member can know more about our city and civilization,and share our stories to the wolrd.



Ms. TingChen


10-12 years old

  • "I like being a one worlder because I feel like we can help other people to be the best version of themselves"

    Jude B. One World
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