Acerca de Nuestro Club

Es de suma importancia inculcarles a los niños sobre el cuidado del medio ambiente ya que es el conjunto de todas las vidas que nos rodean. les hemos explicado que de esté obtenemos agua, comida, combustibles, materias primas, que sirven para fabricar las cosas que utilizamos diariamente, pero al abusar o hacer un mal uso de los recursos naturales que se obtienen del medio ambiente, lo ponemos en peligro y lo agotamos, es por ello que estamos implementando que traigan su botella de agua y si hay algún festejo que traigan plato y vaso de plástico, realizaremos un huerto, un coco pasto, reciclaremos, entre otras actividades.

Acuerdo de Grupo

  • En la primer actividad logramos que día con día recuerden la importancia de las reglas del salón y si algún compañero no sigue las reglas los demás niños le recuerdan que no esta haciendo lo correcto.



Daniela Joselyn Ramirez Hernandez


3-4 años

  • Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

    Margaret Mead
  • Tolerance implies a respect for another person, not because he is wrong or even because he is right, but because he is human.

    John Cogley-Commonweal
  • Our loyalties must transcend our race, our tribe, our class, and our nation: and this means we must develop a world perspective.

    Dr. Martin Luther King (1929-68)
  • The defining challenge of the 21st Century will be to face the reality that humanity faces a common fate on a crowded planet. That common fate will require new forms of global cooperation, a fundamental point of blinding simplicity that many world leaders have yet to understand or embrace.

    Jeffrey Sachs
  • To welcome another person with love and affection is the highest religion. To find God in your own heart is to experience the highest religious truth. The ability to carry that awareness with you, seeing the same divinity in others, brings it into your daily life.

    unknown author
  • I am inferior of any whose rights I trample under foot. Men are not superior by reason of accidents of race or color. They are superior who have the best heart -- the best brain.

    Robert Green Ingersoll (1833-99), American Politician, Lecturer
  • As man advances in civilization… there is only an artificial barrier to prevent his sympathies extending to the men of all nations and races.

    Charles Darwin
  • We are all citizens of the world.  The tragedy of our times is that we do not know this.

    Woodrow Wilson 28th President of the United States
  • The only salvation for civilization and the human race lies in the creation of world government. As long as sovereign states continue to have armaments and armament secrets, new world wars will be inevitable.

    Albert Einstein Interview, October 1945
  • …the whole of human history shows that a cooperative spirit is not only natural to men, but more deeply rooted than any self-seeking tendencies. If this were not so we should not see the growth of integration and organization of his communities which the centuries and the millennia plainly exhibits.

    Charles Darwin The Descent of Man (2nd ed., 1875, pp. 187-8)
  • The sea’s vast depths lie open to the fish; Where’er the breezes blow the bird may roam; So to the brave man every land’s a home. (Omne solum forti patria est, ut piscibus aequor, Ut volucri, vacuo quicquid in orbe patet.)

    Ovid, Fasti Bk. I, l. 493.
  • The whole world is a man's birthplace.

    Statius, Thebais Bk. viii, l. 320.
  • …I am not an Athenian nor a Greek but a citizen of the world.

    Socrates per Plutarch, Of Banishment, 600.
  • …If a man be gracious and courteous to strangers it shows he is a citizen of the world.

    Francis Bacon Essays: Of Goodness
  • … As man advances in civilization, there is only an artificial barrier to prevent his sympathies extending to the men of all nations and races.

    Charles Darwin
  • …My country is the world, and my religion is to do good.

    Thomas Paine Rights of Man. Pt. ii, ch. v.
  • I've learned that you should give some time back to people in your community because sharing is caring.

    Josselinne A.
  • I've learned that it is fun to work together!

    Sebastian B.
  • One thing I've learned from being in the One World Club is that it's not hard to help others in need. It's simple to open up your heart. We went from a group of four girls to twenty something kids. We're working on things that people twice our age wouldn't do.

    Kiara R.
  • I learned that if you care for others and not just yourself you will feel awesome.

    Katia O.
  • What I learned in One World is not everyone is fortunate to have what other have. Sometimes just a little gesture of kindness can help someone out in a huge way.

    Amber M.
  • I am a one worlder for life.

  • I enjoy being a One world club member because the lessons are on real life experiences.

    Uganda Club Member
  • I feel like being part of the world by being a One Worlder.

    Snow Z.
  • I'm excited to join this exciting program.

    Isobel .
  • "Being a One Worlder gives me the opportunity to know more about the world around me."

    Sue Y. Nanjing University, China Member
  • I love One World activities.

    Camille Z.
  • I like being a One Worlder because I learned a lot in my club.

    Judy Y
  • I love my teacher for introducing me to One World.

    Tim X.
  • One World provides me more opportunities to see the world.

    Emily J.
  • One World tells me how to love my parents and my friends more.

    Tony S.
  • Being a one Worlder means responsibility.

    George Z.
  • "I like making a Difference in the world and making new friends in Mexico."

    Cindy Milton Olive 8th grader
  • One world taught me to be kinder.

  • The things we do in One World Club make me feel good because I was able to do something to help others.

    Mariel G.
  • We do things in Club to make the world a better place and that makes me happy.

    Carla R.
  • I learned to work together and help others in the world.

    Andrilys C
  • "I loved being able to help people who couldn't help themselves."

    Anonymous One Worlder
  • I love that the Club taught me about people in other parts of the world and their struggles.

    Dania L
  • I like being in One World because I get to express my thought and opinions about a certain topic without being judged and we get to debate about interesting topics.

    Diara M.
  • "I like One World because I get to express my opinions and we get to talk about anything that interests us. The current events and debatable topics that we cover intrigue us and make us ready to learn."

    Destiny L. The Young Women's Leadership School of the Bronx
  • I like one world because it keeps me up to date about things not only going around me but also around the world and how we as people can do about it. It also lets me express my opinion about interesting topics.

  • Being a member of our One World Club makes me feel like a hero because I participated in activities that made a difference in people's lives!

  • Being in One World is so special because we have people that we know we can always count on by our side. They help us through hard times and help us figure out issues we may be having and that is amazing!

  • "I love being in the One World Club because I get to make the world a better place. I want to help others so they never give up on their dreams!"

    Angel JFK One Worlder
  • Being a member of the One World Club is amazing because when we get together twice a week, it is a time when we all can be ourselves!

  • "The One World Club has taught me to care for others and to make it a point to take the time out of my day to help others."

    Kiara R. Port Chester Middle School
  • One World has taught me how to be kind and how to care for others.

    Delmy R.
  • One World has taught me that many people need help all over the world. I want to make the world a better place!

    Zuri P.
  • One World is about helping people that are in need. We do fun projects. I learned that I could help change the world.

    Arlette P.
  • "One World has taught me that since we only have one world we have to take care of it. We also have to respect each other and treat everyone with kindness."

    Ashley L.
  • I love being a One Worlder because we collect water bottles, make bologna sandwiches and make a difference.

  • "I love One World Youth Club because we make a difference in the world every single day."

    Drew Signal Hill One Worlder
  • I love One World Youth Club because we get together with friends to do community service and it's a lot of fun

  • "I know people who have done so much for other people and now I get a chance to repay them."

    Heidi Signal Hill One Worlder
  • "I love One World Youth Club because it gives me a chance to make the world a better place."

    Joseph Signal Hill One Worlder
  • As a teacher, this school has made me aware of the many ideas young people have.

    Nankya Harriet
  • "I like being part of One World because It helps me learn about other kids my age around the world. It also makes me feel good to be part of this group because I am a good person and I try to do good for others and my school."

    Wykeem J. Milton Olive 6th grader
  • "I love being the One world Advisor! It really gives special recognition to the scholars who do well and work hard at becoming global citizens. This group of students really rise up against struggles and issues in the community and on a global scale. They are some of the most compassionate and wonderful kids I have had the pleasure of working with. I look forward to Tuesdays and Wednesdays because I know my One Worlders will be ready to make a difference with smiles on their faces and hearts on their sleeves."

    Kelly Baum One World Advisor
  • "We love coming to One world club, its great fun. "

    Millbrook Student
  • "Meeting Joe and Skyping Mexico was very exciting."

    Millbrook Student
  • "Me gusta One World porque podemos platicar con niños de otros países para que todos estemos en armonía"

    Litnie Acevedo
  • "Me gusta One World porque me parece muy interesante el compartir experiencias con niños de otros países."

    Raquel Cerón
  • "Me gusta One World porque nos enseña a convivir y entender mejor a las personas de otros países. Para entender que todos somos iguales, para ayudar a la sociedad a comprender que no importan donde estemos, que siempre debemos estar unidos"

    Víctor Sanchez
  • "Me gusta One World porque nos enseña que existe un solo mundo y debemos de respetarnos co nuestras diferencias. Y me gusta conocer a personas de otros países."

    Tamara Cisneros
  • "Me gusta One World porque es padre conocer gente de otros países, aprendemos sobre sus costumbres, tradiciones y esto nos enseña a valorar lo que tenemos en nuestro país. Y podemos vivir en paz."

    Axel Campos
  • "Me gusta One World porque nos enseña a convivir, que no haya discriminación, que todos somos iguales. Y además convivimos con niños de otros países"

    Julián Pelaez
  • "Me gusta One World porque tenemos una comunidad muy grande alrededor del mundo y las personas que no cuentan con esta forma de comunicación las están obteniendo poco a poco. Además Combinamos y reconocemos la diversidad cultural y la forma de vida de todas las naciones para lograr con esto ser un mundo mas unido."

    Santiago Luna
  • "Me gusta One World porque nos enseña que no deben de existir barreras entre un país y otro, que no importa lo que se diga de los países, siempre vamos a ser un solo mundo y nunca nos van a poder separar."

    Alan Mariano
  • "I like being a One Worlder because I feel as if we are helping people around the world."

    Joshua A.
  • "I like being a One Worlder because I like working together as a team."

    Pamela C. fourth grade
  • "I like being a One Worlder because I feel that I am helping people who are in need of an education around the world."

    Manuel G. fourth grade
  • "I like being a One Worlder because I am learning about new cultures and seeing how they are different than mine."

    Daniela G. MLK 4th grade Club
  • "I like being a One Worlder because we learn different things that are fun."

    Kaden J. third grade
  • "Being a member of the One World Club is amazing because when we get together twice a week, it is a time when we all can be ourselves!"

    Camille JFK 5th Grader
  • "I love being in the One World Club because I get to make the world a better place. I want to help others so they never give up on their dreams!"

    Angel JFK 5th grader
  • "I am a One Worlder because I want to make people smile. I love making people smile!"

    Yareli JFK 5th grader
  • "Being in One World is so special because we have people that we know we can always count on by our side. They help us through hard times and help us figure out issues we may be having and that is amazing!"

    Jennifer JFK 5th grader
  • "Being a member of our One World Club makes me feel like a hero because I participated in activities that made a difference in people's lives!"

    Benjamin JFK 5th grader
  • "I love One World Club because you not only get to celebrate the world but you also get to make new friends and share ideas!"

    Jessica A. JFK 4th grader
  • "I like being a part of One World because it teaches us kindness and caring and how to love the world"

    Chelsea A. JFK 4th grader
  • "I like being in World because I realized that there is only One World so we need to take care of it and persuade others to do the same"

    Manny C. JFK 4th grader
  • "ONEWORLD nos ayuda a crear amistades, a ser coherentes, nos ayuda a encontrar lugares importantes. Hace que comprendamos la situaciones del medio ambiente para cuidarlo. Gracias a ONEWORLD supe lo que es ayudar a la gente, aprender que todos somos iguales, también sirve para ayudar al mundo y resolver problemas."

    Edgar Saul Escalante Venegas Legendarios Mixtecos - 11 años
  • "ONEWORLD es una asociación que busca que todos conozcamos las cosas maravillosas del mundo."

    Johan Ibrahin Campos Garcia Legendarios Mixtecos- 10 años
  • "ONEWORLD nos enseño a ser mejores personas, a cuidar el medio ambiente, a hacer amigos y hacernos responsables siempre respetando a los demas."

    Nayelli Guerrero Jimenez Legendarios Mixtecos - 11 años
  • "ONEWORLD es una asociación que busca organizar y mejorar la conducta de las persona a través de los valores como la honestidad, empatía, amabilidad, generosidad y respeto. gracias por permitirme ayudar a los demas."

    Axel Y. J. Islas Solis Legendarios Mixtecos - 11 años
  • "Siempre agradecido contigo ONEWORLD porque se me queda presente la unión de un solo mundo a través de esta majestuosa herramienta que es la tecnología."

    Francisco Javier Barbosa Rodriguez Legendarios Mixtecos - 10 años
  • "es un excelente proyecto que une al mundo por medio de actividades que hacen mejorar la convivencia en el mundo, bueno al menos de los que están en el proyecto."

  • "es un proyecto que me emociono mucho porque pude conocer a niños de una escuela de Estados unidos y son muy parecidos a nosotros."

    Jorge alumno
  • "es un proyecto que motiva mucho a los niños y los hace querer trabajar mas y querer visitar a sus amiguitos de otro país."

    Director de la Escuela
  • " I like being a One Worlder to connect with schools around the world to find out what they have been doing."    

    Callum Jones Coed y Garn Primary School
  • "I like being a One Worlder so that we can learn how people who are less fortunate than us live, and try to make their lives better".

    Lexi Davies Coed y Garn Primary School
  • "We want to work together to keep our environment clean and safe and make the world a better place."

    Alfie Lewis, Evie Thomas, Demi Lea Presdee. Coed y Garn Primary School
  • "One World's presence is very invigorating. One World's philosophy of helping others worldwide strengthens the human spirit and gives one a sense of humility with a twist of self-pride."

    Kevin One Worlder
  • "Our One World club is a place where all ideas, no matter how outside of the box, are accepted and heard."

    Matthew One Worlder
  • "Joining One World was one of the best decisions I've ever made! I enjoy the joy that comes with making the world a better place."

    Larry One Worlder
  • "The One World Club is a great opportunity to help others and gain humility for yourself."  

    Tristen One Worlder
  • El proyecto Oneworld nos gusta y estamos listos para hacer mejores cosas por nuestro planeta y hacer mejores cosas por nuestra sociedad.

  • "I like helping people who are less fortunate than us because I like seeing how we change their lives just by doing something simple."

    Katie One Worlder
  • "I like being in One World Club because you get to meet and connect with other children across the world."

    Elsa One Worlder
  • "I like the real sense of achievement when you help people that you may not know but that you feel connected to."

    Bea One Worlder
  • "Ser parte de One World, una idea que germina, que alimenta y engrandece nuestra humanidad es ya en sí un gran logro."

    Fernando Galeana Padilla Profesor de Enseñanza Secundaria en Acapulco, Guerrero México.
  • "I like to come to One World because I learn about responsibilities in the World."

    Toni One Worlder - 5th Grade
  • " I learned that you should not throw away plastic bags because they pollute the oceans, we should instead recycle them. For example we could create bracelets!"

    Ava One Worlder-5th Grade
  • "It's interesting because we learn about the environment."

    Lizabeth One Worlder- 4th Grade
  • " I like being a One Worlder because we learned about kindness and being helpful."

    Emilly One Worlder - 5th Grade
  • "I like One World because it is all about being One (together)."

    John One Worlder- 4th Grade
  • "The information that the students are learning broadens their horizons and makes them citizens of the World!"

    Mrs.Mutino Teacher
  • "Radiating with good character."

    Mrs. Johnston Teacher
  • "I am very proud of all the new knowledge my One Worlders have acquired throughout this year, so much growth, they have become advocates and true Global Citizens that communicate effectively , with respect and tolerance!"

    Mrs. Vanessa RP One World Advisor


    FRANCISCO PÉREZ One World Advisor

  • "I like helping others and getting involved in service projects."

    Beverly J. One Worlder
  • "I enjoy One World and it makes me feel good to help others."

    Fatima B. One Worlder
  • "It's rewarding to watch the students take the lead and create service projects of their own."

    Jeannie Iantorno One World Advisor
  • "One World helps teachers addrss real life problems that affect our community and the world. "  

    Jean Marie Guzman One World Advisor
  • "One World has tough me about the real World problems and am happy to be part of a solution."

    Ddamba Peter One World Club Member
  • "La labor que encausa la Fundación One World es importante porque es inclusiva, ademas de que rompe barreras, y las actividades a realizar coinciden con los programas de educación que se implementan con los alumnos."  

    Jose Martin Naranjo Maestro
  • "I love the feeling of helping others."

    Isabella A. One Worlder
  • "It makes me feel like I am making a difference!"

    Kelly R. One Worlder
  • " it’s helps the environment and our world because we connect with others and work together."

    Igor One Worlder
  • " We use our enterprise skills to make opportunities to help others."

    Maria One Worlder
  • "We raise money but Alyson help others by being being kind."

    Grant One Worlder
  • "I like being a one worlder because I feel like we can help other people to be the best version of themselves"

    Jude B. One World
  • "Es interesante y emocionante intercambiar opiniones con niños de otros países."

    Krystal M. One Worlder
  • “ Fue muy interesante el conocer a niños de otros países que tenían gustos e intereses similares “

    Jesus M. One Worlder
  • "Estar en este club es muy importante para mi hija porque aprenden a conversar en otros idiomas y sobre todo que se den a conocer lenguas indígenas"

    MAMÁ DE AMAYRANI MORAS One Worlder Parent
  • "No triunfa quien no tuvo momentos difíciles. Triunfa aquel que paso por ellos, lucho y no se rindió"

    One Worlder
  • "El grupo trabajo muy bien en la organizacion de las reglas a seguir para trabajar en la plataforma"

    One Worlder
  • "One World is the best part of my week"

    Washington A 3rd Grade One Worlder
  • "Me entusiasma que los jóvenes tengan oportunidad de participar en la conservación del medio natural y que además se relacionen con otros jóvenes de otros lugares."

    Oliver Pablo Maestro
  • "Es importante este proyecto para los jóvenes porque los motiva tanto en el trabajo escolar como en la participación social, poniendo en práctica lo aprendido en la escuela"

    Oliver Pablo Maestro
  • "Es importante reforzar los valores y practicarlos para una mejor convivencia"

    César Morales Maestro
  • "Es una fundación en la cual nos es grato participar en los proyectos de One World"

    César Morales Maestro

    Elizabeth Juarez Maestra

    Martha Patiño Maestra
  • "One World es un gran proyecto que nos ayuda a brindar un espacio específico para trabajar con los niños sobre temas determinados de cada taller."

    Jazmin Cabrera Maestra
  • "Enseñamos a los alumnos que conozcan de cerca y convivan con la policía federal estación Tectan y sean parte dentro del marco de las normas y leyes que prevalecemos para garantizar el estado de derecho"

    Carlos Nambo Maestro
  • "We are excited to have started a One World Club at our school. It is a wonderful opportunity for students to get to know each other and build a deeper understanding of our world."

    One Worlder
  • "La educación es la base para formar hombres libres y con principios morales"

    One Worlder
  • "Participar en One World es una excelente oportunidad la cual nos beneficia a toda la sociedad, trabajar con los niños nos garantiza el tener un resultado a corto y largo plaza. "

    Anibal Zitlalapa Maestra
  • "Me gustaría conocer acerca de las festividades de otros países"

    Evelyn García One Worlder
  • "One World es una gran oportunidad para conectar con la esencia del ser humano"

    Rita Zamudio
  • "Estamos conociendo por medio de One World más sobre el mundo"

    José Eduardo Marroquín Laina One Worlder
  • "Trabajamos en equipo, y eso nos ayuda tener mas conocimiento sobre estudiantes del mundo"

    Diosma Paloma Nava Hernández One Worlder
  • "Tener amigos de otros países y convivir con ellos "

    Michelle Adilene Quintana One Worlder
  • "One World es una propuesta muy acertada y benéfica y sobre todo que impulsa e implementa los valores en la sociedad"

    One Worlder
  • "Es un programa educativo que fomenta la interacción entre los estudiantes, despertando en ellos la participación con alumnos de otros países"

    José Manuel Rodríguez Rayo Maestro
  • "One World me parece un programa excelente, debido a que nos permite trabajar más como ciudadanos y fomentar valores en los jóvenes de los cuales necesitan para poder desenvolverse en esta era. También, es un programa incluyente y en el cual nos permite trabajar con deferentes competencias de los alumnos que necesitamos para este siglo"

    Lola Manzano One Worlder
  • "I am excited to see what our students come up with for their first service learning project! Our students have excellent ideas and the whole staff can't wait to see what they can do."

    Rachel Munzenberger Volunteer
  • "I want to make the world a better place"

    One Worlder
  • "I wanted to join so that I can be a leader!!!"

    One Worlder
  • "Excited about skyping"

    One Worlder
  • "We want to make a a positive difference with our children"

    One Worlder
  • "To be a part of positive change in the world by uniting people around the world"

    One Worlder
  • "I like being an informed global citizen who can make an impact on the world"

    Rafi Carone President of Club
  • "We are all one race, which is the human race. We are here to make the world better for each other"

    Filomena Russo Advisor
  • "I love being a part of One World, it embodies every reason I became a teacher."

    Filomena Russo Advisor
  • "Because of One World, we have enough knowledge to control Malaria in our Community."

    Nakiguli Edith One Worlder
  • "I am often asked what can people do to become a good global citizen? I reply that it begins in your own community."

    Kofi Annan
  • "Being a One Worlder makes me feel important and that I can make a difference."

    Alfie Parker One Worlder
  • "I love being a One Worlders because I can help look after the world."

    Emmy Flynn One Worlder
  • "The world needs some help to get better and I can do that now I am a One Worlder"

    Emily Atwich One Worlder
  • "I like being able to change people's minds. I want to make them do better for the planet."

    Vivien Luckanic One Worlder
  • "We can all make a difference and One World helps me do it."

    Christian Reddy One Worlder
  • "I want to mend the world."

    Ruby Jones One Worlder
  • "I'm so excited to start the OneWorld Club so that I can help people in other countries."

    One Worlders Gardner International Magnet School
  • "One World has brought us together and tough us about new ideas."

    Alex One Worlder
  • I like One World because...

  • "We play games!"

    Zenabou One Worlder
  • "You can see people and make new friends!"

    Ri'Maya Oneworlder
  • "It's fun and gets us more learning about character."

    Silence Oneworlder
  • "The computer part, talking to others around the world."

  • "I felt that this was my calling... I was supposed to join this after school club because I am here to do my part and make this world a better place, I can feel it."

    Yadiel One Worlder
  • "We have been waiting all year for our One World Club to start! Tuesdays at 3:10 is the best part of the week!"

    Henisis One Worlder
  • "Me llamo Alexa, tengo 12 años. me siento muy orgullosa de ser misionera One World, estoy muy contenta porque he participado en varias actividades con mi maestra y amigos. esto es genial!, me divierte y me agrada todo lo que hago en mi escuela, apoyando a mi naturaleza."

    Alexa One Worlder
  • "Me llamo Mateo, Tengo 12 años. mi experiencia con el proyecto One World Fue algo hermoso para mi! me dio la oportunidad de participar en el mejoramiento de mi escuela."

    Mateo One Worlder
  • ‘You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself In any Direction you choose’ ‘And you will succeed? Yes! You will indeed!’ (98 and 3⁄4% guaranteed)

    Dr. Seuss
  • "Looking forward to this exciting journey and making friends from other parts of the world"

    Rong One Worlder
  • "The club provides us with a brand new way of learing and I think the students will gained a lot from the activities."

    Miss Zhang jingying One World Advisor
  • "I think One World acts as a bridge to connect East and West. It provides a great opportunity for students to learn new insights from their peers in another country."

  • "Tenemos que ayudar a salvar el planeta" "No tenemos que contaminar tirando basura en la calle" "Yo quiero sembrar plantitas" "Acapulco está muy sucio" "No me gusta cuando voy a la playa y en el mar hay basura y huele feo"

    One Worlder
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