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The Port Chester Middle School One World Club is made up of an ambitious group of 7th and 8th graders. This group meets weekly and the membership has grown each week. We are presently working on several projects that directly support the Port Chester Community.

One World Projects

Our first project was to fund raise and help bring awareness for an employee of our school whose two young sons have Adrenoleukodystrophy or ALD. Our school hosted a Fun Run, so we distributed flyers, created posters, and made daily announcements. We also wrapped gift baskets to use as raffle prizes and we made containers to hold raffle tickets. Our entire group participated in this community wide event which helped to raise $15,000 for this family.

Our second project was helping the newcomers of our school. Many of our newcomers come from Latin America with very few items of clothing. We held a clothes drive and then we folded, organized, and priced the clothing to put on display like a department store. The newcomers will be given play money to use to practice math & English speaking skills while shopping for the items of clothing they need for themselves and their family members.

Another project that we worked on was organizing and distributing winter coats. Our school was given a large donation of brand new winter coats. Our club was responsible for organizing the coats by gender and size to help make distribution to those in need run smoothly.

We had a Food Drive for the month of December. Our group collected specific items of food that will be donated to a local food pantry in Port Chester.

We have organized and priced donated items that were be sold at our school’s annual Holiday Boutique. The funds from this boutique will be used to provide scholarships for students who would like to attend field trips, but do not have the monetary means to do so.

We hosted a “Girls Night in!” check out our pictures in the gallery!

In March, we hosted a Pennies For Patients with Leukemia Fundraiser. The students made posters, put together donation boxes and delivered to each classroom for collections, and baked cupcakes to sell.




The Port Chester Middle School One World Club consists of an enthusiastic group of sixth, seventh and eighth graders. This club was formed in February, but in our short time together we have made some great strides towards becoming global leaders.

One World Projects

Our group has joined efforts with our eighth grade Leadership Class on a project called, “PC Hydration Nation – 10 for $10,000”. Our goal is to get every student and staff member in the school to donate $10 towards our $10,000 goal.  Our objective is to raise money and awareness for the global water crisis specifically, water for South Sudan.

The money raised will help build a well to provide clean water for a village in South Sudan.  We relabeled water bottles with a label stating, “The H2O Project – moving from consumption to contribution…..I’m Taking the Challenge!” and selling them to the student body.

Additionally, we have recycled water bottles and up-cycled them into beautiful bracelets.   These bracelets will be sold and all proceeds will go towards this fundraiser.

Furthermore, we have been promoting how to become more eco-friendly and we have practiced random acts of kindness.  One RAK activity we each took part in was called, Mission Possible.  We challenged ourselves to secretly perform random acts of kindness for seven days.

Lastly, we are beautifying our school’s community garden, “The Giving Garden,” with decorative signs. Our club is working hard to meet our goals and is looking forward to continue to make a positive impact in our community and world


PCMS End of Year Video Project



Jeannie Iantorno
Jean Marie Guzman




Only fellow One World Advisors may contact one another.

  • I've learned that you should give some time back to people in your community because sharing is caring.

    Josselinne A.
  • I've learned that it is fun to work together!

    Sebastian B.
  • One thing I've learned from being in the One World Club is that it's not hard to help others in need. It's simple to open up your heart. We went from a group of four girls to twenty something kids. We're working on things that people twice our age wouldn't do.

    Kiara R.
  • I learned that if you care for others and not just yourself you will feel awesome.

    Katia O.
  • What I learned in One World is not everyone is fortunate to have what other have. Sometimes just a little gesture of kindness can help someone out in a huge way.

    Amber M.
  • "The One World Club has taught me to care for others and to make it a point to take the time out of my day to help others."

    Kiara R. Port Chester Middle School
  • One World has taught me how to be kind and how to care for others.

    Delmy R.
  • One World has taught me that many people need help all over the world. I want to make the world a better place!

    Zuri P.
  • One World is about helping people that are in need. We do fun projects. I learned that I could help change the world.

    Arlette P.
  • "One World has taught me that since we only have one world we have to take care of it. We also have to respect each other and treat everyone with kindness."

    Ashley L.
  • "I like helping others and getting involved in service projects."

    Beverly J. One Worlder
  • "I enjoy One World and it makes me feel good to help others."

    Fatima B. One Worlder
  • "It's rewarding to watch the students take the lead and create service projects of their own."

    Jeannie Iantorno One World Advisor
  • "One World helps teachers addrss real life problems that affect our community and the world. "  

    Jean Marie Guzman One World Advisor

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