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In 2016, our Fifth Graders started out learning about good character traits. They really enjoyed all the visits from Mr. Zacarra and learned so much from their discussions with him. They labeled hearts with traits that defined themselves. They set goals for their future for academic and social success. The students learned about human rights as a part of their curriculum and they discussed the most important rights and why all people on Earth should have them.

One World Projects

In One World, Students discussed animal and plant rights as they studied the rain forest in their Fifth grade curriculum. They created bookmarks to send the message of ‘Save the Rain forest”.

Around Thanksgiving students wrote about what they are thankful for and learned the meaning of grace. Mr. Zaccara lead a great session about New Year’s resolutions and how to stick to our social and academic goals.

For Valentine’s day we filled hearts will words of kindness for each One World member and they adults and teachers’ in our lives. For Saint Patrick’s’ day we had a fun session with Mr. Zaccara by brainstorming and we filled our chalkboard with all the things we are lucky to have and wrote about them.

For Earth day students used tablets to research all of the issues affecting the ecology of our Earth. Students then participated in the One World Eco Challenge and shared it on social media outlets such as instagram and Facebook.

During Spring, thanks to Kathy Sutherland the Park Ave. Community school, we started a partnership with juniors from Hackley School in Tarrytown to enhance our STEM (Science, technology, mathematics, and engineering skills. The students created rockets and propelled them with mentos and soda. The next week Mr. Zaccara gave a talk about space and how our world is connected.

Students also learned about the inside of our world by creating a volcano and we are discussing how natural disasters affect us.

Our service learning project was decorating boxes of supplies to be sent to earthquake victims in Ecuador. The next project for One World is creating the Park Ave community garden.

In June we will make a newsletter detailing our One World goals we achieved this year.

I want to thank Mr. and Mrs. Zaccara and Mr. Joe Carvin for creating One World for Our students.

I am proud of my graduating 5th grade daughter Gwen who has been a part of my one World Club since she was in Kindergarten. I hope to teach this same cohort of One World students next year as they will be 6th graders at Port Chester Middle School in the One World Club at PCMS!

Video from 2014 Park Avenue Club



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