Park Avenue 1st Grade

Port Chester, New York

Bobicho, Ethiopia


At Park Avenue Elementary School there are two One World clubs. The first grade One World junior club consists of 10 students. The fifth grade One World club consists of 7 students. Both groups meet once a week. Students are encouraged to question and examine global issues through a variety of lessons/activities. The goal is to promote global awareness and allow students to develop their own views as leaders. The fifth and first graders are equally challenged, encouraged and held responsibility for the same work throughout the school year. Interactive projects are slightly different in regards to the length of writing and age appropriateness. However, both fifth and first graders develop the same ideologies as they engage in interactive discussions and group projects.

One World Projects

The first graders were very excited to learn about different cultures as they engaged in inquiry base learning and learned about different cultures from guest speakers from India, Mexico and Ecuador. The fifth graders were able to connect their academic curriculum and One World topics such as “The Declaration of Human Rights,” women rights and current global changes.

Students enjoyed the Eco Project in which they learned about recycling, reducing and climate changes. The first and fifth graders have developed their own views of the world and events as they critical examine current events. They have developed a sense of leadership as they promote students to different everyone equality and to consider ways of helping our planet flourish. *In the future the Eco Project will be one of the first lessons to be taught in order to build a stronger foundation and promote caring for the world as a school community project. This will allow students to continue investigation and implement recycling, reducing and reusing.



Ms. Maria Hernandez


6-11 years old


Only fellow One World Advisors may contact one another.

“Education against all oppression is an education in which all voices are equally valued.” – Ms. Hernandez

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