Fios1news reported on the global connections that One Worlders are making through Skype. These global connections between clubs around the world are an exciting and important component of the One World Program.

As Fios1News Reports:

Middle schoolers get glimpse into other cultures through Skype- Video chatting program sheds light on how children learn in other countries.

“Hola!,” that is how one group of fifth and sixth graders at Milton Olive Middle School in Wyandanch greeted students in Mexico City via Skype video chat today.

The One World program links around 60 schools clubs around the world.

Fifth grade teacher Kelly Baum says they’re getting a firsthand lesson on what real life can be like overseas.

“Kids at this age live in a bubble. They think everyone has what they have. And they’re starting to see that other cultures and kids their age don’t have all the luxuries they have,” Baum said.

The program also bridges cultural differences and shows Long Island students what they have in common with students from all over the world.

The district hopes the program will be a step in the right direction after they’ve been rated as “struggling” by the New York State Board of Education.

According to students, it was an experience they’ll remember for a long time.

“It was an amazing experience and I loved it to see how their classroom looked, how they talked, and I learned a bit of Spanish,” fifth-grader Neysha Chauvette said.

Students have two more Skype sessions planned with their friends from south of the border so they can learn a little bit more about each other’s cultures.

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