Nanjing Primary School Club

Nanjing, Jiangsu, China


The Nanjing Primary School Club aims at helping kids understand English better. We believe that reading makes a full man. Kids are introduced to various kinds of story books, which emphasizes on important traits like sharing, care, friendship, confidence.

  • I like being a One Worlder because I learned a lot in my club.

    Judy Y
  • I love my teacher for introducing me to One World.

    Tim X.
  • One World provides me more opportunities to see the world.

    Emily J.
  • One World tells me how to love my parents and my friends more.

    Tony S.
  • Being a one Worlder means responsibility.

    George Z.

One World Projects

Some of the kids participated national English Speech Contest. The choice of their topic, the fluent English and the way they delivered their speech have won them great popularity. One kid was rewarded as the best speaker of 2015 and one got the 2nd reward in 2014.



Mrs. Jing Wen




Only fellow One World Advisors may contact one another.

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