Nakaseke Primary teachers Collage

Nakaseke Town council, Nakaseke District, Uganda



Our club has been in existence for the last three years. We meet every Thursday for about thirty minutes. Thus after academic classes. We now have about 31 club members who are a mixture of girls and boys. We are using the fourth grade curriculum and we have benefited from the rich topics. The collage course is two years and therefore our club has the secondary group and the first group. Each year we recruit the new students as those in the second year leave the collage after completion of the training course.



Nakaseke Primary teachers collage One World club was formed in 2014, after realizing the role of primary teachers in changing future generations.

One World Projects

The club is made up of 32 active members. We meet one day in every week and discuss how good leaders should be. We use the sixth grade curriculum topics to guide our learning. All our club members are committed to preparing all the pupils in their hands to become informed and responsible leaders.

Our One World club activities have caught the attention of the collage principal. The club organizes outreaches for community cleaning of the collage compound one in two months.because of that, the principal has given our club a platform to display our works.

one world projects

The One World club of Nakaseke primary teachers collage is a unique one as our topics have been found anywhere in the teachers’ training course yet teachers leaders and life trainers of millions of learners. Therefore the Collage principle has asked all serous student teachers to pay attention to several topics in the curriculum saying they will befit them in future. We decided to implement the Random acts of kindness project and this has made our members exemplary in the collage.



Mutebi Henry




Only fellow One World Advisors may contact one another.

In future, We look forward to linking with students from another part of the World to learn more.

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