Millbrook Primary School

Bettws, Newport, Wales



Millbrook Primary School One Wold Club is in its first year. The Club is made up of 15 students who are in years 4 & year 5. We meet up once a week after school for an hour. During that time the students work on a variety of projects and activities that promote global awareness. Additionally , we focus on using that awareness to become informed and capable future leaders.

One World Projects

We recently launched a fundraising project in school to kick-start our club and to begin to understand the term, ’empowerment’. The children thought of ideas that they would like to use to help others in the school community and the local community.

We watched a Ted Talk by Maya Penn who started her own business aged 12. This inspired the children to think of a creative enterprise scheme to hopefully raise money to feed into a good cause.

They created ‘Valentine Surprise Bags’ sold them in school and raised £76! The project was extremely successful and they are now deciding how best to use the funds to help their school / local community.

We Designed Easter Bunny Cups with a chocolate Lolly pop a chocolate egg and chocolate nest YUM YUM!!! From this we raised about 1.00 pounds.

We face timed Mexico and we found out that there is a big fan of Harry Potter in the class so we sent them a card with a Harry Potter themed card made by one of our recruits, Amelia who is a brilliant drawer. Then out of no where, we got an email from Helen Boxwill who works with the One World Ethiopia clubs. Helen thought that we could work together. We found out that people in Ethiopia do not have any money to even pay for pens for school work. We offered to send money to them for pens.



Mrs Jackaman
Mrs Ardle




Only fellow One World Advisors may contact one another.

  • "We love coming to One world club, its great fun. "

    Millbrook Student
  • "Meeting Joe and Skyping Mexico was very exciting."

    Millbrook Student
  • " it’s helps the environment and our world because we connect with others and work together."

    Igor One Worlder
  • " We use our enterprise skills to make opportunities to help others."

    Maria One Worlder
  • "We raise money but Alyson help others by being being kind."

    Grant One Worlder

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