Mid-Year Meeting Agenda 2016-17

The agenda below is intended to support One World Regional Directors in leading Annual Kick-off meetings with their Club leaders.The agenda should be followed as a guideline and adjusted by Regional Directors according to the needs and requirements of the Clubs that fall under their supervision.

Section 1: Administrative Items

Permission Slips

For administrative purposes, we must collect permission slips for each student who is to participate in the One World Club. The permission slip should be administered and collected by teachers and when all permission slips have been collected, they should be handed to the appropriate Regional Support Director for delivery to One World Central Administration. All permission slips will be kept on file and kept confidential.

The Permission Slips are below can be downloaded and printed for distribution and collection.

Registration Forms

Each Club needs to be registered with One World for administrative purposes. This simple Online registration form allows the One World administration to identify and collect basic information about each club that is vital to the advancement of the One World organization for everything from tracking clubs, Grant applications, fundraising, to analysis and much more.

The Online Club Registration form is available at /club-registration/

To View the list of registrations forms we HAVE received, visit: /club-registration-form-received/

Website Content Form

It is the goal of One World to produce a webpage for each One World Club. In order to accomplish this goal, we need each club to fill out a online webpage content form to get this page started. After the initial content is populated on the future site, each teacher will gain access to their page and can edit, add or subtract as much or as little content as they would like. These content forms should have been submitted by the time of this meeting. If you have not submitted yours, please do it as soon as possible.

The Website Content Form is available at /webpage-content-form/

To view list of Website Content forms that we HAVE received, visit: /website-content-form-received/

Section 2: CLUB ACTIVITIES 2016-17:

Partner Club

Each One World club will be assigned a Partner Club- typically partner clubs are international. This allows for Global Connections between our youth club members. Clubs will be paired by One World Admin and you will be provided the club’s contact information and any support you require to engage with your partner club. Review of status of Partner Club assignments.

Review of engagement of communication and activities with Partner Club.


Service Learning is a hands on opportunity for students to engage in a multitude of valuable lessons while helping make a difference in the world around them. Each club will be expected to engage in at least one service learning project throughout the calendar year.

Review the status of Service Learning Projects.


Each Day is on its way! Each Club will be given an Eco-passport to mark the celebration of Earth Day. The passport is available at the link below for downloading, printing and distribution.

> View & Download Eco Passport Here

Year End Event

At the end of each school year, a Year end event should be held to celebrate the achievements of our youth club members. If you have not already, you should begin to plan this event. Plans and dates should be communicated with your Regional Support Director as soon as possible. End of Year certificates for the kids will be arranged for distribution.

Metric gathering

Gathering Metrics is vital to the continued advancement of the One World organization in many ways such as Grant applications, fundraising, club success analysis and much, much more. In order to make this data collection as easy as possible, we have developed a Pre-test and a Post-test to gather this information. The Pre-test should be administer at the very beginning of the Program year and the post-test at the end. The completed tests should be delivered to Regional Support Directors or One World Administrators.

The Pre & Post tests are found at the links below for downloading, printing and distribution.

  • Pre-test NEEDED
  • Post-test NEEDED


Media Archiving

No one sees it unless you share it! We are working hard to share the One World story but we need a lot of help to do it. We have a growing media archive that is maintained by One World administrative staff. Each Club has their own file that we would like to populate with photos, videos, newspaper articles and more!

Please send all related media to Christina@oneworlduv.com for filing and use. Large file transfers (anything over 5 images at a time) are best sent through the simple tool wetransfer.com.




The digital One World Curriculum is available through Google Docs. If you do not have access, please request access. Please keep the curriculum confidential within One World Staff.

Program Support

When possible, Regional Support Directors are available to all club leaders/teachers that fall within a defined region to offer support and guidance, as well as to act as a liaison between the individual clubs and One World Central. Teachers should feel comfortable reaching out to their assigned RSDs for any reason. We’re in this together! When an RSD is not available, teacher’s should contact Joe Carvin for Program support and Christina Collins for administration, digital media transfer, communications and website support.

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