LFH/MLK Elementary School

Wyandanch, NY, USA

Bobicho, Ethiopia


The Lafrancis Hardiman/Martin Luther King Elementary (LFH/MLK) is in it’s second year. The club is made up of 25 members who are in the third and fourth grade. The club meets once a week for six consecutive months during the school calendar year.

As a club, we focus on providing character education with a Global Perspective: developing Global Citizens, and Community Leaders. The club aims to broaden scholar’s knowledge base, in addition to enhance positive attitudes, cultural awareness, and character traits. The club explores concepts such as community, citizenship, respect for diversity, conflict resolution, current events, and violence prevention. Participants are encourage to serve as positive change agents for their local community, nation, and the world.

One World Projects

Our goal as a club is to dedicate time and support towards initiatives that enhance the development of our local, and global community.

Our current goal for Spring 2017, is to raise money in support of the Students Around the World Stand #WithMalala: Malala Fund. Our initiative was sparked during our celebration of Women’s History Month. As a club, we watched “I AM MALALA”. We were inspired by Malala’s courage and dedication to human rights. We have made the decision to serve as global citizens. Our club has organized a set plan to raise money in order to donate towards building schools for the millions of girls who are not offered an opportunity to go to school.



Shelby Hankerson




Only fellow One World Advisors may contact one another.

  • "I like being a One Worlder because I feel as if we are helping people around the world."

    Joshua A.
  • "I like being a One Worlder because I like working together as a team."

    Pamela C. fourth grade
  • "I like being a One Worlder because I feel that I am helping people who are in need of an education around the world."

    Manuel G. fourth grade
  • "I like being a One Worlder because I am learning about new cultures and seeing how they are different than mine."

    Daniela G. MLK 4th grade Club
  • "I like being a One Worlder because we learn different things that are fun."

    Kaden J. third grade

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