Social Media Intern

Suggested Responsibilities & Activities:

We have listed a number of activities below where we can use internship help. If you are interested in this student internship program, we will sit down with you individually to discuss which activities you would like to be involved in, and then agree on a schedule of work and deliverables.

Explore our active social media channels

  • Analyze our existing social media presence 
  • Analyze competitors social media
  • Develop suggestions and action plan to help grow One World’s social media presence
  • Leverage existing content and develop new content for social media
  • Make suggestions for content growth

Incentives available to you:

  • Invitation to participate on a bi-weekly basis in our organizational meetings.  
  • Completely remote work and on a flexible schedule
  • Free participation in the One World’s future-ready summer programs.

Core Requirements:

  • Provide a clear commitment as to the number of hours you can allocate to the internship on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Knowledge of multiple social media platforms
  • Must know how to schedule posts
  • Strong interest in social media 
  • Writing skills