Hydroponic Farming

Hydroponic farming is one way you can help create a better world around us.


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What is Hydroponic Farming?

Hydroponic farming is a method of growing plants and vegetables without soil. Instead of soil, one uses a nutrient solution in water. There are many benefits to hydroponic farming such as water-saving and affordability.

Are you Ready to Learn More About Hydroponics?

Download the Hydroponic Project Below

Hydroponic Projects

One World has created an online learning community for the Hydroponics Project through FlipGrid. For more information about FlipGrid, please contact admin@oneworlduv.com

The Princeton Project

The Hydroponics Project is part of a larger project in collaboration with Princeton University that was designed by Dr. Paul Gauthier and Chris Regini. A group of international primary and secondary schools will collaborate with Princeton to generate research data related to hydroponics. If your school is interested in participating in the Hydroponics project & would like to learn more information about the Princeton Project , please contact admin@oneworlduv.com

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