Global Connections Program

Students from around are connected to learn and find opportunities to work together. 

About our Global Connections Mini Programs

Over the course of the last ten years One World has built up a global learning community where educators from across the globe are asked to think of themselves as colleagues sharing a single educational effort.

One World can facilitate connections between your students and students from around the world around a range of topics ranging from getting to know each other and your respective communities to working together on projects like sustainability or the SDG goals or jointly reading books. The connections can be synchronous or asynchronous.

" I like being a One Worlder to connect with schools around the world to find out what they have been doing."

Callum Jones, One World student from Long Island, NY

How it Works

You contact us and we coordinate a first meeting between you and a One World teacher from somewhere around the world to coordinate time zone and put you in a position to plan your joint lessons with your One World colleague.

What’s Included

Global Connections

Facilitation of Connections to Classrooms Around the World

Global Community Access

Access to One World’s network of teachers & advisors around the world

Language Translators

Coordination of translators as needed

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