Thank you for your interest in learning more about how to start a One World Club!

The One World Club program is most successfully implemented as an after-school enrichment club. Our clubs are most commonly run by school teachers and sponsored by school districts, individuals/corporations, and volunteers. However, any qualified and interested individual may apply to start a youth club.

We ask that One World Club be run by the highest professional and ethical standards, and trust in the talent and dedication of individuals to teach character education and global awareness without political, partisan, or personal viewpoint.

We further ask that advisors act as liaison between One World and the school or district they represent. We hope to learn from your experience and improve our program so that we might all better prepare our children to be “citizens of the world.” Together, it is our hope that we can prepare our children for a brighter future.

It is the expectation of One World that clubs will meet approximately once per week during the program year.

It is the expectation of One World that Advisors implement the One World Program minimum requirements to ensure our program is implemented universally. The minimum requirements include:

  • Beginning of year and end of year assessments
  • Lesson plans in the form of activities
  • At least one service learning project
  • Connecting your club with a partner club

The mandatory program requirements will not take up your entire program year and should be scheduled accordingly to allow for advisor discretion, input and creativity to enhance the program. A full curriculum will be provided for reference should the advisor want to reply solely on One World activities.

Advisors will be issued an Advisor Checklist which will provide any resources and/or instructions necessary to implement the minimum requirements of the One World program.

Advisors will be issued membership access to the One World site which will grant access to connect directly with other One World advisor’s around the globe. It is the expectation of One World that Advisor’s maintain their club’s webpage throughout the program year by submitting updates on initiatives at regular intervals. We strongly encourage Advisor’s to frequently engage with other clubs by commenting on club webpages.

One World is a 501c-3 non-profit organization operating out of the state of New York. Our Founder, nor our board members, benefit financially in any way from donations or fees collected by One World. However, in order to cover the basic, minimum operating costs, we do require a small fee to help offset operating costs. Typically, fees are covered by school districts or sponsorships.

If interested in starting one or more clubs, please complete the form below and we will be in touch very soon. We look forward to connecting with you!

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