Edison School, 5th grade club

Port Chester, New York, USA


The 5th grade one word club consists of students age 10 and 11 and is made of of 20 members. This is the second year this cohort has been participating in One World and has been doing a wonderful job being excellent role models for our younger students.

One World Projects

The club as a whole has focused on topics of Friendship and kindness this year and has helped promote kindness around the entire school by taking the Great Kindness challenge, and “catching” students, staff, and other personnel in random acts of kindness. They are great ambassadors for the club and are sure to tell the students in the younger grades what a great opportunity it is to be in One World. The 5th grade spearheaded the great kindness challenge and the global service project of collecting kind Coins for Pakistan.

Our club participated in the One World Core Values Lesson. The club members choose Kindness, Respect, Honesty, and Fairness as our club’s core values. As the leaders of our school they ensured to share their beliefs and values on the topics of fairness, honesty, and respect. As the oldest students in the building they wanted to be respected by all individuals in the school as well as show respect for all other students and staff.



Ms. Kelly Brucale




Only fellow One World Advisors may contact one another


Our 4th grade club met on Mondays and our 5th grade club met on Tuesdays. We followed the lesson plans pretty closely. The 5th grade club also participated in helping develop the whole school activities. Our principal reported that there were zero discipline problems through January. He attributed this to our extensive one world whole school and the after school program. Our one world worlders are leaders. Five of the fifth graders went to ADL to receive The NO PLACE FOR HATE AWARD for our school. It has been a very exciting year.

One World Projects

Our club participated in selling little items to raise $150 for cystic fibrosis.



Mrs. Jeanine Zaccara



  • I am a one worlder for life.

  • One world taught me to be kinder.

  • "I am often asked what can people do to become a good global citizen? I reply that it begins in your own community."

    Kofi Annan

Here we are connecting with the Mexico Club!

We had so much fun meeting the One World Advisors who were visiting from Wales!

We learned that they speak Welsh, English and Chinese in their school! We are going to Skype with them and they are going to teach us some words in Welsh and we are going to teach them some Spanish!

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