Green County Eco-Literacy Youth Conference: Saturday, October 9, 2021 ​

In recent weeks, One World working with committed youth environmental leaders has begun to pull together a county-wide youth team that will not only encourage Westchester schools to sign the dual pledge but just as importantly bring together environmental clubs, environmental educators and environmental leaders from across the county to share best practice.  

Every school in Westchester County teaches environmental science.   How often do educators have an opportunity to break out of their educational silos to share best practice?  How often do those environmental classes break out of their classroom to work with their local municipal sustainability committees to begin to put in place real world environmental solutions?   

Our goal here is to help Westchester students become among the most Eco Literate students in the nation by tapping into the extraordinary educational resource we have here in Westchester County by sharing best practice across schools and school districts.    To that end we will be organizing a best practice educational conference in Westchester on Saturday October 9th.

Our hope is that Westchester youth actions can become a model for the world.  Indeed, one goal for this conference will be to share best practice youth environmental experience with students from around the world as well as from Westchester. 

Our hope is that this conference will be keynoted with videos from the two most powerful climate change people on Earth, UNFCCC Executive Secretary Patricia Espinosa and UK Climate Change Champion Nigel Topping. 

All of this work will serve as a run up to the all-important COP 26 conference taking place in Glasgow, Scotland from November 1 to November 12, 2021.   We will organize educational events here in Westchester to coincide with COP 26 much of which we expect will be virtual.   

Volunteers Needed for Youth-led Initiative

We’ve created two volunteer teams to help with this effort.

Conference Organizing Team

Pulling off a successful conference will require a lot of work.   We will need to set up a team to begin to organize the conference. 

Dual Pledge Support Team 

We will need a team to encourage Westchester schools to sign the dual pledge and help them do that.  This team will undergo training in how to use the UNFCCC calculator.