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Connecting with a partner club is one of the best opportunities and experiences for One World Members. Using today’s technology, kids from all over the world can meet face to face in an afternoon and learn about each other’s cultures, similarities and differences. Building a relationship with a partner club from another region within your country or often, in another country, provides an opportunity to work on lessons together, connect about world issues and build friendships that could last a lifetime.

How to connect with a partner club.

On each club’s webpage, the advisor’s email is available. Advisor’s should contact each other via email to introduce themselves and determine if the club’s can connect, when they can connect and what the topic of discussion would be for the children.

After you have established a Partner club, be sure to include this information in your website page and share your experiences!

Suggested Topic Ideas:

  • Teach a lesson together
  • Read a story to each other
  • Plan a service learning project together
  • Teach each other languages
  • Become Pen Pals

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