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Mrs. Durbin’s 4th Grader Global Guardians

. We are made up of 10 4th graders and are currently beginning our club virtually.

Gardner International Kruger’s 3rd Grade

Kruger’s third grade group at Gardner is going on it’s first full year. Last school year was sadly cut short. We are excited to work on some projects remotely and hopefully one day face to face!

Boca Raton High School Club

The Boca Raton High School is in it’s first year so far. Our One World club started unofficially last April of 2019, but we are now having official meetings with a total of 34 registered students (plenty more come, but we consistently see 30-34 students sign into each meeting). Students are looking to begin a variety of projects and activities to promote global competencies and awareness.

Park Avenue School One World After School Club

I have been One World Club leader at Park Avenue School in Port Chester for almost a decade. I think my club was the second One as I started after Jeanine and Jack Zaccara trained me based on the First One World Club at Edison School in Port Chester.

Martin Luther King Jr Elementary School 4th and 5th Grade

Our Club is in its third year, but it is Mrs. Carroll and my second year with One World and we are very excited!!!!Our Club is made-up of 4th and 5th graders and total to the amount 14.

Candlewood Middle School

Candlewood Middle School’s One World Youth Club is a group of global citizens who enjoy talking about the world around them and completing service projects for their community.

Edison One World

We are happy to begin our second year of Edison’s One World Club. This year we have continued to include students from third, fourth, and fifth grade.

Somos Un Mundo

Somos Un Mundo is a club that began last spring with two classrooms that became buddy rooms. Students in grades 4 and 6 collaborated regularly to learn about their community and the world around them.

Lewton Elementary School

Lewton Elementary School’s One World club is their first year! The club is made up of 40 students that are between the ages of 8 and 12 years old.

Gardner International 3G 3rd & 4th Grade Club

We are the Gardner Global Guardians (3G) from Gardner International Magnet School! This is our first year with One World and we are excited about our new club.

Gardner 7th & 8th Grade

Gardner 7th & 8th grade One World club is in their first year! They meet weekly and want to not only make a difference here are school, but also in our community and the world.

Gardner International 3G 5th & 6th Grade Club

The Gardner International 3G 5th & 6th Grade Club is beginning its pioneer year. The Club is comprised of 20 members who are in 5th and 6th grades and meets once a week on Wednesdays.

Edison School

Edison’s One World Club is a group of 31 students from the third, fourth, and fifth grades. Our club will work with our school P.T.O. in preparing and planning fundraising projects that will help our community and school.

Port Chester High School

The Port Chester Global Leaders are a group of 15 students who are committed to being global citizens.

Arthur Ashe

The Arthur Ashe Club is in out 2nd year.  Our club is sponsored and supported by the Crescent City LA Chapter, The Links.

Half Hollow Hills HS West

The Half Hollow Hills High School West One World Youth Organization is in its seventh year. The club is comprised of approximately fifteen young men and women once every other week for a period of ten months.

Martin Luther King Jr Elementary School 4th and 5th Grade

MLK Elementary 4th & 5th grade club is a group of 35 eager students who are ready to change the world!

Attwood New Tech Magnet School

Attwood New Tech Magnet School’s One World Club is a lunch club for fourth, fifth, and sixth graders! We are committed to how we can make the world a better place through understanding and environmentalism.

JFK 4th Grade Alliance

The JFK 4th Grade Alliance is in its first year but are excited to work on project regarded global-awareness and Civic mindedness.

Waukesha North High School

Waukesha North One World Club is in its first year. Our club is made up of 15 eager students who are excited about promoting global awareness!

Post Oak Academy

Post Oak Academy One World Club is in its first year. We currently have 20 members, 3rd-6th grade. Our goal is to work together to help create global leaders of character while we ourselves become more globally educated.

MLK Elementary School, 3rd Grade

The club is composed of 25 scholars who are excited about the club and being able to benefit from the positive impact that it will have on their character.

Cobbles Elementary School 3B

Cobbles Elementary School is new to One World this year! Their club is their classroom. They incorporate the One World program into their day and are eager to learn about becoming global citizens.

King Street Elementary School

The King Street One World Club is a group of 5th graders from Port Chester, NY. They are advocates against bullying and feel strongly about the fight against pollution in oceans.

Lacordaire One World Club

Lacordaire One World Club is a group of motivated 7th and 8th graders that are dedicated making the future a brighter place!

West Hollow Middle School

These middle school students from West Hollow are committed to making a difference.

JFK 4th grade

The JFK One World Club meets every week. We started off the year with 15 members and have grown into a group of 25! The students are eager to learn about the world around them and what they can do to help make it a better place.

Park Avenue School

The Park Avenue club is encouraged to question and examine global issues through a variety of lessons and activities. They are excited to learn about different cultures have learned about different cultures through guest speakers from India, Mexico, and Ecuador!

Half Hollow Hills HS East, NY

The Half Hollow Hills High School club focuses on promoting global awareness, leadership, citizenship, and character building through community outreach and collaborations with other One World clubs. We have hosted food drives, an Autism Awareness fundraiser and Making Strides BC Walk.

Wyandanch High School

The Wyandanch High School Club consists of 12 students who are in grades 9-12. We discuss global and local issues to become better aware citizens of the world. Our club has aided in food drives for the community and the beautification of our school community. Our goal is to improve community through service.

JFK, Port Chester 5th Grade Club

The JFK 5th grade One World Club is made up of responsible 5th grade students and future leaders who care deeply about improving the world around us. Some of our projects were “Jump Rope for Heart” and “Light UP JFK With Kindness Challenge.”

West Middle School

The club is made up of 29 students who range from 6th to 8th grade. We meet twice monthly and place a strong focus on selflessness, awareness, and the qualities that make capable and informed future leaders.

Milton Olive Middle School

The Milton L. Olive Middle School club is located in Wyandanch, NY. We at Milton Olive One World are working to support the global health of communities across the world

Candlewood One World Youth Club

Candlewood Middle School Club is a busy club! We are “No Place for Hate Campaign supporters”, we have raised money for JDRF and focus on local and global topics.

Signal Hill

Our club is focused on teaching children about different things that happen around the world, and giving them the tools to make a difference both inside and outside their community. We organized school wide water bottle recycling program, “Hats for Haiti” drive to raise money for those devastated by Hurricane Matthew, held a book drive, and helped feed people in need in our community.

Port Chester Middle School

The Port Chester Middle School club is an ambitious group of 7th and 8th graders. This club has hosted a fun run for a family in need, started a clothing drive for Newcomers from Latin America entering the community in need of clothing, organized a winter clothing drive, hosting a Holiday food drive, organized a holiday boutique whose funds went to scholarships for students who can’t afford field trips. And so much more!

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