About One World Youth Clubs

One World is an international character building program for youth of all ages, that generates civic commitment to school, local, national and global communities. Our clubs are a network of globally aware youth leaders of character; knowledgeable of the world around them and capable of changing it for the better. Participation in a One World club helps prepare the global youth for the opportunities and challenges coming their way in the 21st Century.

The club program consists of a series of character education activities and lessons that are designed to educate for global awareness, connect students through good character and empower through service learning. Educate, Connect & Empower are the pillars of One World and we refer to them as E-C-E.

One World currently has 200+ clubs throughout the United States, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Club members range in age from six years – twenty years old.

Club Activities

Every club activity is designed to be age appropriate, informative, interactive and fun with core concepts present such as community, citizenship, character education, respect for diversity, current events, conflict resolution, and violence prevention. While some activities are universal and mandatory for every club, others implemented at the discretion of each advisor based on age appropriateness, cultural relevance, and club interest.

Club Values

Internalizing and integrating a strong set of core values has always been an essential part of life success. As the pace of change accelerates in an increasingly interconnected world, character doesn’t just matter, character matter most. All One World clubs participate in the Core Values activity and work together to decide on the values most important to their individual club.

Club Leaders

All youth clubs are led by advisors who are responsible for overseeing the club and implementing the One World Program. Our Club leaders, or advisors, are teachers, parents, instructors and community members who all share a common belief- the youth are our future. Our leaders are provided access to the One World Youth Club curriculum, an advisor’s program checklist, and a username and password to the member’s only section of the website used to connect clubs across the globe.

Service Learning Projects

Throughout the program year, all One World clubs participate in at least one service learning project that is decided up on by each club. The experience empowers members and rewards them in numerous ways that change them, and the world around them, for the better.

One Worlders in Acapulco Deliver Stuffed Animals & Smiles!

The Adolescentes Ejemplares de la Sec. 4 One World club from Acapulco, Mexico collected stuffed animals to bring to their local children’s hospital in hope of bringing a smile to the children’s faces!

One Worlders in Wyandanch, NY Host a Food Drive

Martin Luther King Elementary School in Wyandanch, NY hosted a Thanksgiving food drive to help families in their community. After collecting donations & putting together baskets, they were able to donate 25 baskets of food to families in their community.

Club to Club Service Learning has Big Impact

The Millbrook Primary One World Club in Wales, United Kingdom, made a small craft project that they then sold throughout the school. With the money they raised, they were able to supply 20 children from the Bobicho One World Club in Ethiopia with pens and notebooks so they could continue to stay in school.

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