Tuesday Focus: What Orlando Means

Distinguishing Between ISIS-Inspired And ISIS-Directed Attacks Orlando shooter Omar Mateen pledged his allegiance to the Islamic State before Sunday’s attack on the Pulse nightclub, but he was not an ISIS agent. Brookings’ Daniel Byman says it is important we recognize the difference between an ISIS-inspired attack and an ISIS-directed attack.

Recognizing the difference between “ISIS inspired” and “ISIS directed” attacks is vital. ISIS-inspired attacks are more likely to be amateurish, and indeed the jihadist record of attacks in the United States since 9/11 but prior to Orlando is thankfully poor. The horrific nightclub attack shows what a loner with the right weaponry can do, but when ISIS directs an attack, as it did in Paris in 2015, the results are likely to be even bloodier,” he writes.

Orlando Exposes The Price Of Failing To Defeat ISIS
The refugee crisis in Europe will continue as long as there is a failure to address the root causes that drive thousands to leave their homelands every day – the Syrian civil war. Likewise, until ISIS and its allies are effectively defeated or their power substantially eroded, attacks like those which occurred in Orlando will continue asserts The Federalist’s John Davidson.

“For its part, ISIS has encouraged these kind of attacks against civilians, and will continue to do so. It might turn out that a man armed with guns and explosives, whom the FBI arrested Sunday and who admitted he was planning to attend a gay pride parade in Los Angeles, was also inspired by ISIS. It might turn out that we see much more of this in the coming weeks, since ISIS has encouraged its followers to carry out attacks during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan,” argues Davidson.

“The mere existence of the group emboldens radical Muslims and ISIS sympathizers across the globe, who don’t seem to care if ISIS fighters are losing ground in Syria and Iraq. The perception is that they are ascendant,” he continues.

“After all, they have survived this long, defying the United States and other western powers that have called for their destruction but been unwilling to carry it out. Arguably, destroying ISIS would show the Mateens of the world that ISIS is a lost cause.”

Wall Street Journal Editorial: America Deserves Better Choice
A Wall Street Journal editorial suggests that neither presidential candidate is rising to the base standards of presidential leadership. And that neither has a coherent plan to combat terrorism.

“Mr. Trump, by his own admission Monday, has been promoting a Muslim immigration ban for months. But beyond that, where is he going? Mrs. Clinton’s supporters keep whispering she’s a closet hawk, willing to do more than Mr. Obama has to end Islamic State’s destabilization of the Middle East and Europe. So far, she’s left the impression that her policy would be Obama 2.0—more bombing, perhaps, but no real strategy to destroy ISIS,” assert the editors.

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