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Italian Newspaper Inspires Anger With Publication Of Mein Kampf The Italian newspaper Il Giornale, a center-right daily owned by the family of former premier Silvio Berlusconi, has drawn intense criticism for its decision to distribute annotated versions of Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” with the Saturday edition of the paper. The text does include notes by an Italian historian with the goal of, it says, studying “what is evil to avoid its return.”

The publisher defended the handouts in an editorial in the paper and said he thought the discussion of his decision were “legitimate and understandable.”

According to The Washington Post, he wrote that “the worries of our friends within the Italian Jewish community, who have always seen us as unconditional allies, deserve all our respect.”

The book, which was written by Hitler between 1924 and 1926 while he was serving time in a German prison, had been barred in many countries in Europe.

However, a 70-year copyright held by the state of Bavaria expired at the end of 2015. The expiration opened the door to Munich’s Institute for Contemporary History to re-issue an annotated version in January in an effort “to thoroughly deconstruct Hitler’s propaganda,” according to the Institute.

The first editions, with around 3,700 comments from expert historians that allowed readers to put the book into context, soon landed in the second spot on Der Speigel’s bestseller list, according to The Washington Post.

Immigration, Not Globalization, Causing Populist Wave In Europe Greg Ip writes in The Wall Street Journal that economic disruptions caused by globalization are not at the root of the populist anger present in many European capitals. The reason for citizen ire, he says, are failed immigration policies.

“Historically, financial crises have led to political polarization and fragmentation, and the euro crisis is no exception: support for establishment parties has eroded across the continent. But this doesn’t automatically channel support to the far right,” he writes.

The Left’s Dire View Of The Middle East Exposes “Soft Bigotry”
Evan Barrett argues in The Daily Beast that the refrain common on the political left that the Middle East is inherently flawed and so backward that any intervention would never achieve a positive solution reflects a soft bigotry, rather than sound foreign policy.

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