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Bono Issues Call On West To Act To Prevent Next Refugee Crisis
In an op-ed today in The New York Times, Bono, the lead singer of the Irish rock band U2 urges Western nations to step forward to fashion a Marshall Plan-like strategy to address the current refugee crisis and to prevent the next disaster.

“The United States and other developed nations have a chance to act smarter, think bigger and move faster in addressing this crisis and preventing the next one. Having talked with refugees, and having talked to countless officials and representatives of civil society along the way, I see three areas where the world should act,” urges the human rights activist.

He also is scheduled to testify before a Senate committee on the connection between immediate humanitarian response and long-term development efforts.

More Multinationals Exploiting Land Rights Of Citizens
The untold story of a brazen land grab in Zimbabwe shows why it’s getting harder to stop multinational corporations – many of which are not based in rich Western nations.

“These days, the worst multinational corporations have names you’ve never heard. They come from places like China and South Africa and Russia. The countries where they are headquartered are unable to regulate them, and the countries where they operate are unwilling to,” writes Michael Hobbes in Foreign Policy.

Rochester, NY Mayor Pushing Plan To Lift People Out Of Poverty
In an effort to provide an avenue out of poverty to the most disadvantaged citizens, the mayor of Rochester is pushing an innovative plan that stresses a bottom-up approach.

Modeled after Cleveland’s Evergreen Cooperatives, Mayor Lovely Warren is calling for more investment in co-ops that take on the problems of poverty and joblessness by giving a group of universities and hospitals the leeway to begin funding to a group of worker owned cooperatives.

“We liked the ability to improve neighborhoods by actively having employees build co-ops in a neighborhood that’s challenged, where people could actually walk to and from work, building wealth and keeping the money in the neighborhood,” says Warren.

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