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What Iran’s Vote Means For Nation’s Future
Although last week’s election is unlikely to inspire immediate, transformational change in Tehran, the surprising success of moderates suggest there may be hope for a new force in Iranian politics, Suzanne Maloney of the Brookings Institute says.

While Maloney views the shift in the partisan balance in parliament and the move away from hardliners to Iranian-style moderates as a positive sign, she cautions those who might define the elections as a “reformist” victory.

Yes, the vote offered “an unambiguous nod” to the strength of Mohammad Khatami, whose 1997 election ushered in the era of reform, the impact will be visible in the long-term.

“In fact, it’s difficult to foresee any tangible impact of this vote—positive or negative—in the near term,” she writes before adding an important caveat.

“Iran’s recent history suggests that there is an even greater danger lurking. It is hardly inconceivable that Friday’s election could inspire a backlash,” he said.

Famished Boko Haram Terrorists Surrendering To Nigerian Troops Boko Haram terrorists have started surrendering to Nigerian troops in order to escape the famine, which their own tactics have helped to produce, reports The New York Times. Some have even been forced to launch raids on farmers in Cameroon as a means to get cattle to feed themselves.

China Fails To Address Hard Choices In Its New Budget
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang delivered his annual address before China’s parliament on Saturday, laying out the government’s development agenda for the next five years, but largely avoided taking on the needed hard choices.

Is NATO Ready To Take On Russia
Reuters’ Jason Fields examines whether NATO is strong enough to fulfill its original purpose – to contain Russia.

Scholar Who Built Sudan Into A Terrorist Safe Haven Dies
Scholar Hassan al-Turabi, who was credited with turning Sudan into Africa’s first Islamic state and terrorist safe haven, died today at the age of 84.

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