Wednesday Headlines

Italy, Europe Courts Iranian Business
In a not-so-veiled sign of its desire to form new business relations with Iran, Italian government officials covered nude statues were hidden so as not to offend President Hassan Rouhani, who was in Italy on Tuesday as part of a European tour aimed at drumming up investment.

Italy is one of the many European nations which is hoping to capitalize on the lifting of sanctions on the rogue state.

China, US Agree On Condemnation Of North Korea
Secretary of State John F. Kerry and his Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi, reached an agreement today to proceed with a U.N. resolution condemning North Korea for its latest nuclear test.

However, there gaps remain over how far to push Pyongyang and whether there is a need to impose new economic sanctions.

Moscow’s Air Campaign Aiding Assad Government
The fall of the southern Syrian town of Sheik Miskeen offers fresh evidence that Moscow’s air campaign is helping the government of Syrian President Bashir al-Assad. It could be the most conspicuous example yet of the ways in which Russia’s intervention in Syria has aided government advances against the moderate rebels backed by the United States and its allies.

“By continuing to support the regime in its bombardment of the moderate opposition, Russia risks damaging the already fragile process of intra-Syrian negotiations,” Gareth Bayley, the British special representative for Syria, said in a statement.

Until it was recaptured, Sheikh Miskeen had been under the control of a coalition of moderate Free Syrian Army.

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