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UN Takes On New Measures Aimed At ISIS Funding, Sex Trafficking
The United Nations Security Council is expected to adopt new measures Thursday to stem the flow of cash to terrorists of the self-proclaimed Islamic State. The move will come a day after the UN Security Council called on member states to take more action to combat to combat human trafficking committed by ISIS, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and Boko Haram.

“The Security Council notes the particular impact that trafficking in persons in situations of armed conflict has on women and children, including increasing their vulnerability to sexual and gender based violence,” said a Presidential Statement adopted by the Security Council on Wednesday.

Improved Governance Is Key To Reducing Global Chaos
The global landscape appears to be in a disturbing state of unrest and chaos, as is evident from the conflicts in the Middle East to the economic stagnation in Europe and the United States. And across the world there is a growing sense of unease and fear that has arisen from the “unprecedented speed of change —
driven by globalization and technological innovation – which has produced disruptions too quickly and on too large a scale for us to manage, argues Kemal Dervis of the Brookings Institution.

The cure for the economic malaise and sickness of violent unrest may be found in solving the chronic problem of lobal chaos is not the result of unforeseen or uncontrollable events, but the widespread governance failures – both political and economic, says Dervis, the former Minister of Economic Affairs of Turkey and former Administrator for the United Nations Development Program.

“[T]echnology offers the hope of lifesaving medical treatments, higher economic productivity, and sustainable energy systems. But people are fearful, as shown by the return of identity politics and a lack of economic and political inclusiveness. As a result, productivity growth is slowing, and, though capital seems cheap and profits plentiful, investment remains sluggish. The key to managing the disruptions and assuaging people’s fears is governance,” asserts Dervis..

Palestinians Could Follow The Lead Of The Kurds
For decades the Palestinians and Israelis (and the Western powers) have wrestled over the question of how to provide Palestinians with land of their own without endangering the security of Israelis. The partition of Jerusalem often has been cited as the framework for a solution, but Dan Feferman and Bob Feferman of the Jerusalem Post suggest a better exemplar may be the Kurds.

“The key take-away is that the Kurds in both Syria and Turkey, and the Kurds of northern Iraq realized that the trappings of statehood meant little if the basis for a functioning society underneath was absent. Instead, the Kurds turned inwards to gain stability,” they argue.

The Palestinians would be better served seeking economic prosperity and good governance, rather than approval from the United Nations and by following a path toward independence that does not approve of or is complicit in terrorism through suicide bombings, stones, bullets and knives.

They add that Palestinians should “ask themselves what their end-game is” and if that means an independent state alongside Israel, “then the billions of (donor) dollars spent on diplomatic missions gaining recognition for a state that doesn’t exist – and would crumble the day after declaring independence – would be far better spent building a civil society from the ground up.”

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