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The Cure To Global Disease Epidemic Is Capitalism
Since the turn of the century, the death toll from malaria has been cut in half and the number of Africans who own mosquito nets has gone from 2 percent to 55 percent. Certainly foreign aid and charitable donations have had an impact, but so too has capitalism and the free trade, argues Fraser Nelson in the London Telegraph.

“While overseas support has been crucial and highly effective in the struggle, the strongest force pushing back disease in the continent is capitalism; trade still brings in far more money than aid. Indoor smoke, dirty water and hunger still kill more Africans than malaria, so when a villager can afford rudimentary sanitation and healthcare, the effect on disease is profound,” writes Nelson.

He adds that the same globalization which is blamed for the world’s ills actually is “spreading ideas, medicine and wealth, forcing down inequality and bringing the world closer together.”

ISIS Suffers Setbacks, But Continues To Recruit Young Westerners Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi challenged the U.S. and its allies in a rare message, while telling his followers to persevere despite battlefields setbacks, according to a purported audio message released Saturday.

While ISIS has suffered recent defeats on the battlefield, they also are claiming more victories by recruiting foreigners to join their ranks, including rising numbers of children from France.

“More than 1,100 children under age 16 joined its training camps this year, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a U.K.-based opposition monitor,” reports The Wall Street Journal.

And while the actual number is virtually incalculable, French government estimates that about 50 children have been taken to Syria since 2012.

Across Europe and among a growing number of American teenagers and young people, ISIS is proving to be masters of propaganda by providing an alluring image of the group which both defies reality and is challenging to counter.

“The genius of ISIS propaganda is how skillfully it imbues the idea of jihad not only with traditional notions of honor and virility, but also a strong undercurrent of oppositional, postmodern cool.

“CVE practitioners can’t possibly hope to challenge the glamor, energy, and sheer badassery of violent jihad as an ideal, still less the wider emotional resonance of the warrior ethos on which it draws,” writes Simon Cottee in The Atlantic.

European Cities On New Year’s Eve Terror Alert
Police across Europe have increased security measures after receiving warning from a “friendly” intelligence service that capital cities across Europe could be the target of terrorist attacks on New Year’s Eve.

“In the days before Christmas, a warning was sent out by a friendly (intelligence) service to numerous European capitals, saying that it could come to an attack involving explosives or a shooting between Christmas and the New Year in crowded spaces,” Vienna police said in a statement reported by Reuters.

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