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Administration Considers Establishing Special Ops Bases Globally
According to a recent report in the New York Times, the Obama administration is contemplating plans to create a string of bases around the world for special operations and intelligence personnel to take the Islamic State and other jihadists. Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey first represented the basing plan to the White House, but that the plan has gotten new legs as more jihadist groups around the world have pledged allegiance to the Islamic State.

The thinking behind the plan is to create an “enduring” global U.S. counterterrorism presence.

A Former Radical Islamist Outlines How To Beat ISIS
Maajid Nawaz, the founding chairman of Quilliam, a London-based counter-extremism group, suggests that any effective strategy to counter ISIS and other Islamic terrorist groups must begin with first recognizing and identifying the enemy and then undercutting its appeal to young Muslims.

Nawaz asserts unless jihadism is not first named, isolated and understood, success will never be achieved. He notes that avoiding naming it as such is as “disingenuous to argue that Islamic State is entirely divorced from Islam as it is to assert that it is synonymous with Islam.”

Nawaz says he feels a particular responsibility to lend his hand to the efforts to defeat terrorism because he spent more than a decade as a member of a global Islamist group that advocated the return of a caliphate.

In order to counter ISIS’ message, the West should employ “a combination of psychological, physical and economic warfare, all with the aim of undermining the insurgents’ ideological, operational and financial capabilities” and providing a persuasive counter narrative.

“The most critical part of such a strategy must be messaging. In fighting Islamic State, we must avoid the language that it uses to promote its worldview and, at the same time, offer compelling alternative narratives. Only in this way can we deny today’s Islamists and jihadists their ability to appeal to Muslim audiences,” he adds.

Iranian Actions Cast Pall Over Legitimacy Of Nuclear Deal
Iran launched a medium range ballistic missile earlier in the week for the second time since forging a landmark nuclear agreement with global powers, which not only violates United Nations resolutions passed in 2010, but also raises serious questions about the landmark nuclear deal.

The news comes days after the release of report from the International Atomic Energy Agency that found Iranian scientists secretly worked on weapons design, testing and components needed for a bomb until 2009.

The US is investigating the validity of the reports, which Obama administration officials declared would be a serious matter.

“We are taking the report very seriously. If the reports are confirmed and if there is a violation of any relevant U.N. Security Council resolution, then we’re going to take the appropriate actions, as we’ve proven that we’re capable of doing in the past,” State Department spokesman John Kirby said Tuesday.




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