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Key Summits To Be Held In 2016
World leaders will grapple with issues ranging from nuclear security to sustainable urbanization in summits in the coming year, writes the Council on Foreign Relation’s Stewart M. Patrick.

Two of the biggest summits will be the Group of Seven Summit in late May, and the Group of Twenty Summit, which will be held in China in early September.

In late May, the United Nations will host a humanitarian summit, which is intended to focus attention on the increasing number of individuals worldwide who have been forced from their homes by either natural disasters or war. The summit will be followed later in the year by a meeting to be hosted by President Barack Obama to examine the migrant crisis. That meeting will convene during the UN General Assembly.

Overlooked Foreign Policy Stories Of 2015
Adam Taylor of The Washington Post looks back on some of the overlooked stories in 2015 and those issues which merit keeping an eye on in 2016.

Among the stories which failed to garner attention were the war in Yemen, a burgeoning civil war in Turkey and the death of Taliban leader, Mohammad Omar.

Filipino Protesters Anger China By Landing On Disputed Island
China expressed anger on Monday after a group of about 50 Filipino protesters landed on a disputed Philippine-held island in the disputed South China Sea, reports CNN.

“We encourage the highest leadership of the country to inform the people correctly without sugar coating the truth about Chinese invasion of our exclusive economic zone. How can the people unite and pick up the cudgels and peacefully and legally fight along side of you if you hide the truth from us?” the student protesters said in a post on Facebook.

Organizers of the group, calling itself Kalayaan Atin Ito, said 47 people arrived December 26 on the island of Pag-asa, also known as Thitu, in the Spratlys chain.

Kalayaan is also the name of the township established by the Philippines in the Spratlys to assert its claim to part of the island chain.


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