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Spanish Election Provides More Uncertainty, Not Less
While Spain’s election was supposed to bring some stability to the nation’s political system, the failure of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s conservative Popular Party to win a majority in Parliament almost ensures months of uncertainty and instability.

Almost immediately Spain’s Socialist Party signaled they would oppose Rajoy if he attempts to win parliamentary approval for a second term, as it seemed he had all intentions of doing.

“We’re starting a period that will not be easy. It will be necessary to reach pacts and agreements and I will try to do this,” he said following the election, according to Reuters.

Politico has a concise summary of the implications and ramifications of Spain’s historic election and the end to the nation’s two-party system.

Can Moderate Islam Counter Radicalism?
“Even granted that an undertaking of this magnitude—shaping the way in which a world religion sees itself—takes time, it’s unfortunately more than just a matter of progress being slow. Incontrovertibly, things are getting worse,” she contends.

Benard does offer suggestions on ways in which truly moderate Islam can be supported and fostered, including identifying ways for moderate, progressive and secularist Muslims to have a larger voice in expressing the views and values of the community.

Visions Of 2010 Seen In Egypt
Recent developments in Egypt have disturbing similarities to the dysfunction of late 2010, which has raised questions in some quarters that there could be a repeat performance of the protests which ousted longtime Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. However, says Michael Dunne in The Wall Street Journal, there are a few important distinctions.

“Unlike in 2010, however, there is no dynamic youth-led movement to protest peacefully: The former leaders are mostly in prison or exile. Instead, what Egypt has in 2015 is an increasingly violent and multifaceted insurgency, composed of and supported by Islamists and others alienated from the limited formal politics showcased in the new parliament, which threatens to take the country into uncharted waters,” he writes.

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