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The Refugee Crisis From The Legal, Political Perspective
The co-founder of the Resettlement Legal Aid Project in Cairo during the Iraq War, Suchitra Vijayan discusses the Syrian refugee crisis from a legal, political, and humanitarian perspective.

In an interview with the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, she argues the US and the West have a moral obligation to respond to the crisis.

The United Nations: The View From A Critical Insider
Stephen Lewis developed a reputation as a stern critic of the UN while serving as Canada’s UN ambassador, but he also emerged as one of the foremost human rights advocates on the international stage.

In an interview with OpenCanada, Lewis talked about what he saw as its strengths, the lack of leadership and the importance of standing up for one’s beliefs.

“So if one is looking to reform the UN, the reform of the Security Council is absolutely indispensible and the UN will never fulfill its potential so long as you have five countries, born out of the shadow of the Second World War, operating as though we were 70 years ago. And it undoubtedly is destructive,” he says.

China Breaks With Tradition By Investing Heavily In Africa
Chinese President Xi Jinping pledged to contribute $60 billion to boost development projects, cancel some debt and boost agriculture under a three-year plan that will extend Beijing’s influence in the continent, reports The Wall Street Journal.

The recent investment and previous pledges by China to provide military assistance on the continent marks a significant departure from Beijing’s prior reluctance to become involved in Africa.

“Such initiatives are a clear departure from Beijing’s aversion to military or security intervention in Africa. The announcement suggests a rethinking of Chinese priorities on the continent, and marks a recognition that China’s participation in conflict resolution will be an unavoidable byproduct of increased Chinese engagement,” Lyle Morris, a project associate at the RAND Corp., told Bloomberg News.



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