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Tensions Rise As Turkey Shoots Down Russian Jet
Tensions are certain to increase as Turkey said Tuesday that it had shot down a Russian jet fighter travelling along the Syrian border because it violated Turkish airspace and did not respond to requests to back away.

The action was described by Russian President Vladimir Putin as a “stab in the back” and warned of “serious consequences” to come, while Turkey defended the strike claiming it was within its rights. An emergency meeting of NATO was called following the downing of the plane.

Bloomberg’s Marc Champion says the engagement showed that Putin has misjudged Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whom he once considered an ally. President Obama offered support for Turkey during a press conference, which will certainly complicate the relationship between the US and Russia.

He adds that whichever side is telling the truth, the incident is certain to carry implications.

“These kinds of skirmishes happened between NATO and the former Soviet Union during the Cold War, but make no mistake; this is a big deal. What comes next will be a test of maturity for all sides,” he writes.

News Briefs:

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Angelo Cordevilla of the Hoover Institution goes back to centuries to the time of Hannibal and the Romans for an example of how to defeat ISIS.



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