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Was Henry Kissinger An Idealist Or A Master Of Realpolitik?
Henry Kissinger is most often portrayed, particularly by the left wing, as a calculating  practitioner of realpolitik. But Niall Ferguson argues that he was an idealist early in his career.

“Far from being a Machiavellian, Kissinger was from the outset of his career an idealist in at least three senses of the word. First, even if Kissinger was never an idealist in the tradition of U.S. President Woodrow Wilson, who sought universal peace through international law and collective security, he was not a realist. Kissinger rejected Wilsonian idealism because he felt that its high-mindedness was a recipe for policy paralysis,” writes Ferguson.

In his new book, Kissinger: Volume 1: The Idealist, 1923-1968, Ferguson makes the case for historians to take another look at the famed former secretary of state.

Syria Is Symbol Of World Without US Leadership
The Wall Street Journal editorial board has penned a critical piece on the Obama administration’s Syria policy, which they contend represents the consequences of the vacuum of American leadership.

“Syria has become a ‘geopolitical Chernobyl,’ as former General David Petraeus recently put it. It was the breeding ground for Islamic State and is a new sanctuary for terrorism. It has nurtured a growing regional conflict between Shiite and Sunni Muslims, while unleashing the worst refugee crisis on Europe since World War II. And now it has become an arena for potential major power conflict as Vladimir Putin forms an alliance with Iran to make Russia the new Middle East power broker,” they argue.

Future Generations Offer Their Sustainable Development Goals
On September 20, the Voices of Future Generations “Children’s Declaration” was adopted by more than 100 young delegates during the Children’s Summit on the World’s Sustainable Development Goals at the UN. Young authors from around the world shared their visions of the future with the 70th UN General Assembly, which can be viewed HERE.

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