UNHCR Criticized For Lack Of Vision On Migrant Crisis And Other News

UN Agency Under Criticism For Handling Of Migrant Crisis
Norah Niland, a former senior U.N. human rights official and a lead author of a recent review of humanitarian protection for the United Nations, pointed to the UNHCR’s lack of innovative spirit, telling Reuters that it has “too little forward thinking, and that’s what the European crisis shows.”

Reuters noted a report issued last year that contended the agency was being hampered by its reluctance to look beyond “an emergency response” posture and was not exerting enough effort to pressure nations to communicate to their citizens what it sees as the benefits of absorbing more migrants into their economies.

In its defense, the UNHCR diverted attention toward the response of European nations by criticizing new measures aimed at limiting access by migrants to their shores.

“UNHCR reiterates its call on the the Hungarian authorities to ensure unimpeded access for people in need of protection in line with its legal and moral obligations. States should manage their borders in a way that is consistent with International and EU Law, including guaranteeing the right to seek asylum,” said UN High Commissioner for Refugees, António Guterres.

In Other News

Columnist Matthew Yglesias examines the climb of avowed socialist Jeremy Corbyn to the head of Britain’s Labour Party and how it reflects a resurgence globally of the political left.

Writing on the War on the Rocks blog, Ralph Peters argues that as result of a weak foreign policy posture, an opening has been created and Russia has moved quickly to fill it.

In a new report, “The Challenge of Stability and Security in West Africa,” the World Bank examines the diverse drivers of fragility and suggests development interventions that can contribute to peace and stability.


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