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US Embrace Of International Liberalism Creates Global Disorder Wall Street Journal columnist Bret Stephens offers a compelling argument in support of the notion that there can be no global order without US strength.

“For seven years, the U.S. and Europe have largely been on the same side—the European side—of most of the big issues, especially in the Mideast: getting out of Iraq, drawing down in Afghanistan, lightly intervening in Libya, staying out of Syria, making up with Iran. The result is our metastasizing global disorder. It’s only going to get worse,” he contends.

The disorder has arrived as a consequence of the US decision to build “a fenceless world” based on a “new liberal order—one with a lot of liberalism and not a lot of order. We wanted to be a generous civilization without doing the things required to be a prosperous one.”

Sri Lanka: Why Small States Should Not Be Ignored
Citing Sri Lanka as an example, Brookings Institution scholar Kadira Pethiyagoda expounds on why regional and global powers shouldn’t take small states for granted.

She notes that smaller nations have more options today than they did yesterday in terms of with whom they choose to ally, so larger powers can ill afford to ignore their concerns.

“Sri Lanka provides an important lesson for Washington policymakers. A small country’s very symbolic switching of great power friends following changes of government is something not seen in the region since the Cold War.

“The ‘geopolitical vacation’ of the post-Cold War era is over. Traditional spheres of influence of regional powers like India are no longer sacrosanct. In the future, small states, particularly with strategic relevance like those around the Indian Ocean and the Middle East, will have more options to switch between multiple poles. Great powers will have less leverage,” she writes in The Diplomat.

The Rights Of Women In The Middle East
In an interview in the Los Angeles Review of Books, author Mona Eltahawy discusses the rights of women in the Middle East and her new book, Headscarves and Hymens: Why the Middle East Needs a Sexual Revolution.



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