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Nations At Risk Of Genocide
Today, the U.S. Holocaust Museum has released a new online tool it hopes we assist governments in predicting and preventing genocide. The goal is to produce early warnings that can help governments, policy makers, advocacy groups and scholars decide where to concentrate their efforts. For the second consecutive year, Myanmar is the nation most at risk to experiencing mass murder.

“From past genocides in Darfur, Bosnia, Rwanda and the Holocaust, we have learned what the clear early warning signs are that precede mass violence. Tracking those indicators in at-risk countries around the world will, for the first time, allow us to look over the horizon to implement smarter, cheaper and more effective polices that prevent mass violence,” Cameron Hudson, director of the museum’s Simon-Skjodt Center for the Prevention of Genocide told The Christian Science Monitor.

How The Catholic Church Survived In Cuba
The Atlantic magazine’s Jason Berry examines how the Catholic Church was able to survive and coexist in a nation that places the state before everything else.

“Through its resonance beyond the secular ideologies of both communism and capitalism, the Church has forged a space in Cuban society that no other organization shares,” he says, adding that the imprint of the Church is everywhere because it provides a de-facto social safety net by meeting the needs of the poorest Cubans, the disabled, and the elderly.



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