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Muhammad Hamid Zaman, a biomedical engineering professor at Boston University, suggests that nations in the developing world focus their attention on fostering research and developing solutions to tackle the health challenges to the proliferation of fake or inferior drugs on the local level.
Local solutions and local innovations “are not only likely to be central to any successful effort; they have the potential to provide benefits that go far beyond the scope of the original problem,” he asserts.
Going local does not mean that foreign investment is not needed and that international organizations do not have a role to play as well, but that ultimate success in battling low-quality medicines and improving health will depend – far more often than not – on local innovation.
Brazilians Hold Protests Demanding Impeachment Of President
This weekend, Brazilians are gearing up today to take part in large antigovernment protests across the country aimed at ousting President Dilma Rousseff from office.
According to The Free Brazil Movement rallies are confirmed in 114 cities and the third time Rousseff has faced similar protests, but she shows no intent to step down.
“The pressure that could force Rousseff out of office is high but the path of getting there isn’t clear. There’s neither a smoking gun, nor any consensus within Congress — including the opposition — on how or even whether to impeach the president,” Christopher Garman, the head of country analysis at consulting firm Eurasia Group, tells Bloomberg News.
Youth Will Play Central Role In Next Development Agenda
Using digital media, young people are affecting social change through the use of storytelling. This year, Adobe sought to harness their energy and direct attention to their causes by creating a new Social Venture category for the Adobe Youth Voices Awards. Here are the winners.
One Year Later, The War Against ISIS
Micah Zenko provides a brief analysis of Operation Inherent Resolve, the war against ISIS that is marking its one-year anniversary.
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