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The Plight Of Migrants Is A Failure Of The West’s Moral Order
The daily images of hundreds and thousands of migrants crossing into European nations by all forms of transportation has not prompted a comprehensive response from Western nations. Nor have the increasing number of stories of people whose lives have been lost along the journey.

“The failure to prevent thousands of Syrians, who miraculously escaped the murderous Assad regime, from drowning or suffocating to death, is a moral failure of the greatest proportions,” says Brooklyn Middleton, an American Political and Security Risk Analyst reporting from Israel.

Without attempting to provide any sustainable solutions, she adds, the West is failing again just as it failed to respond over the three years of the Syrian crisis.

Chris Morris of the BBC argues that there has been a response to the crisis, albeit an unsatisfactory one.

Noting that the scale of this mass movement of people seems to have taken everyone by surprise, and that immediate measures have been proposed to support countries cope with the waves of migrants.

The European Union has worked to create systems to ensure that far more failed asylum seekers are returned home and “to focus on development issues in the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa,” but, he adds, “the trouble with long term plans is that they are long term. They provide no instant solutions. And there will be further unseemly squabbles ahead.”

ISIS – An Evil We Have Yet To Understand
On one level, evil is easy to understand. It is the counterbalance to good. It is the characteristic which drives men to act against the better interests of others. But then evil shows itself in individuals like Adolf Hitler and his fellow Nazis, or ISIS, a terrorist group which is redefining the depths of inhumanity.

“We are baffled by a form of evil that believes in its moral superiority and proudly advertises its crimes by video. Civilization has little experience with that attitude. The Nazis did not acknowledge the Holocaust and Stalinist Russia muffled news of arbitrary executions and the gulag,” writes Robert Fulford of Canada’s National Post.

“What makes ISIL uniquely dangerous is its appeal to some small but still considerable number of people throughout the world. Its publicity has been adroitly designed as an airborne plague, able to leap borders, continents and oceans through clever, attentive use of the Internet. We can even imagine local branches evolving into new social forms, perhaps to the alarm of the leaders who invented ISIL,” Fulford continues.

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Former NATO Secretary General Javier Solana underscores the universality of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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