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Dell Among Businesses Pushing Global Entrepreneurship
In May the computer giant Dell launched has launched what it called the Global Entrepreneurship Call to Action with the goal of getting entrepreneurs and other business leaders to go on the record in support of the passage of UN Sustainable Development Goal 8.

Dell CEO and Founder, Michael Dell, is continuing to apply pressure in the lead up a September vote in the United Nations on its development goals and top priorities over the next 15 years.

“Imagine what’s possible if we removed the barriers that prevent entrepreneurs from turning their ideas into thriving businesses. More and better jobs. Breakthrough innovations that change the world. But perhaps the biggest benefit of all is hope; because, wherever you are in the world, jobs and economic opportunity bring hope for a better future,” Dell wrote in a recent blog post on the job site LinkedIn.

While no one argues that small businesses are a key component to fostering economic growth, there are skeptics of the power of small business to affect economic conditions on a global scale.

Zoltan Acs, Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Public Policy at George Mason University and former chief economist at the Small Business Administration, told Forbes magazine recently that micro-credits and small mom-and-pop shops will do little to strengthen global development.

“Entrepreneurship is something that creates wealth and is scalable. It gets people to do things differently that will make a big difference,” he said, noting that developing countries already have small businesses and self-employed farmers, but little actual entrepreneurship.

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Although there may be disagreement over the role of entrepreneurialism, there is little argument that foreign aid needs to be overhauled.

“International development has reached a crucial moment in its evolution. Given the great progress in much of the world in the past decade or so, the paradigm of north-south development assistance is now outdated. All countries are engaged in contributing to global development, supporting sustainability and poverty reduction locally, nationally, regionally and globally,” write Jonathan Glennie and Andy Sumner in an August 5 article in The Guardian outlining several key reforms.

In addition to changing how the issue is discussed, the authors suggest including research on foreign direct investment in the debate, rather than as a side issue for academics.

Violence By Jewish Settlers Is Increasing
As tensions in the West Bank and Gaza increase, including the death of a young Palestinian, there has been a new focus on Israeli settlers, who are not shy about their beliefs, tactics and their contention that they are now under assault.

“We’re the most demonized people on Earth,” Ezra Tubi, a 45-year-old settler who has lived in Yitzhar for 13 years with his wife and children, tells The Washington Post. In recent weeks, two Palestinians have been killed by settlers and violence is on the rise.

Tubi and others maintain they are the “shield” protecting Israel from Palestinian terrorists. In response to their daily acts of vandalism and arson, the Palestinian Fatah movement has established “defense committees” in the occupied West Bank to defend Palestinian people against attacks by extremist Israeli settlers, reports PressTV.

Today, a day after the father of an 18-month old boy who was killed in an arson attack carried out by settlers himself died, Israeli police arrested at least seven suspects.

Is The US Economic System The Target Of Cyber Terrorism?
This week a panel of experts convened by the Hudson Institute examined the issue of cybercrime and the question of whether hacking incidents represent a new type of action aimed specifically at undermining American economic power, destabilizing the global economic system, and threatening U.S. allies.

The event is two hours in length.

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