Friday Headlines

Britain Reopens Embassy In Tehran
The British government will formally reopen its embassy in Tehran this weekend; the embassy has been closed since 2011, when it was stormed by violent protesters.

China Hackers Targeting India
According to U.S. cyber security company FireEye, hackers based in China have been using a “spear-phising” method to hack Indian institutions and government agencies. The method tricks employees of government institutions and universities into opening e-mail attachments that appear relevant to their work and when opened, they are exposed to a virus which allows access to their accounts.

Iran Gets Boost From Military Sales From Russia
Iran expects to receive Russian S-300 missile defense systems 30-40 days after the signing of a new deal with Moscow, a source in the Iranian defense ministry told the Russian news agency Sputnik this week.

The United States has raised objections to the sale and remains concerned about the growing alliance between Iran and Russia. Just last week, Russia and Iran held joint naval exercises in the Caspian Sea.

Donald Trump’s Populist Allure Is Evident In European Politicians
While many political analysts in Europe have struggled to grasp the populist allure which has vaulted Donald Trump to the lead in the Republican presidential nomination contest, they need only look to their own shores for the same phenomenon, reports Foreign Policy magazine reporters Benjamin Haddad and Neil Rogachevsky.

“The political figures that Trump most mirrors are European populists like Britain’s Nigel Farage of the U.K. Independence Party, Netherlands’ Geert Wilders, and Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s populist National Front. Indeed, Trump is part of a global phenomenon: the still-rising backlash against political leaders of all stripes, along with the media and cultural elites — in short, the establishment,” they write.

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