Wednesday News: The Iranian Dust Has Settled. What Next?

After The Iran Deal
No sooner had the first press release or statement was released applauding or decrying the Iranian nuclear deal, analysts and foreign policy experts were looking down the road at the possible impact of the historic agreement.

Among the Arab states, emerging are fears that Iran will take on a larger military role in the Middle East now dominate regional security dynamics in the wake of yesterday’s historic nuclear deal, reports The Washington Post.

“If sanctions are lifted, Iran will try even harder to redesign the region. Iran is trying to change the Middle East, and this is unacceptable to Sunnis,” an unidentified Saudi diplomat told The Post.


Less cryptic was a Saudi newscaster during his television broadcast, saying Iran has been making “chaos” in the region and will extend further after the agreement.

“[T]he GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries should reduce their confidence in America and turn their focus to Russia and China,” said Mohammed al-Mohya, the news anchor on the state-run Saudi Channel 1, according to Reuters.

Camp David II?

Marc Lynch at Monkey Cage says the Iran deal could eventually be as impactful as the landmark Camp David Accords.

“In the short term, the Iran deal could well lead to more rather than less confrontation across the region, as leaders on all sides seek to prove to their domestic and regional constituencies that they have not capitulated, he writes.

“Over the longer term, though, the United States and Iran could very well begin to build common interests in cooperation on strategic issues beyond the nuclear realm. Iraq is one obvious arena in which interests converge around supporting the government of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and fighting the Islamic State. After the posturing ends and each side’s escalation has been matched, Iran might finally be willing to negotiate seriously over an endgame for Syria,” Lynch asserts.

Holding Iran’s Feet To The Fire
Foreign Policy
magazine has suggestions on how the Obama administration can live up to its promise to counter Iran’s menacing behavior across the Middle East and how it can reassure anxious allies.

The Global Post offers a timeline of events that have occurred since talks began between Iran and global powers in August 2010 until the announcement of a deal yesterday.

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