Tuesday Reads

Mozambique At 40 – On The Brink Of A Transformative Age
Just 40 years after it gained independence, Mozambique could be on the verge of transformative growth if it chooses the right course, asserts Alex Vines, Research Director for International Law at Chatham House.

“Moving forward though, Mozambique’s leaders will need to think deeply about how to ensure more inclusive growth. There are populated provinces in the centre and the north of the country such as Sofala, Zambézia and Nampula that remain dirt poor – and I suspect that new poverty indicators will confirm they are not improving. Mozambique’s new president, Filipe Nyusi, will need to find strategies to iron out such extreme wealth disparities,” he writes.

What Nyusi and his colleagues in government need to do is undertake an “unambiguous set of measures that balance the short-term needs of commercially competitive industries” with the social needs, the constitutional rights and expectations of the country’s citizens.

Could A Nuclear Deal Benefit Iran’s Youth?
In a recently-released paper, Wilson Center scholar Farzaneh Roudi suggests that if a nuclear deal is inked and sanctions are eased on Iran, the nation has the opportunity to capitalize on its human capital by permitting young people to compete in the global market.

The Last Decade’s Best Essays On Democratic Transition
The Foreign Policy Research Center offers a fairly comprehensive volume of what it considers the best essays written on democratic transitions over the last decade.


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