Saturday News: Is Climate Change Affecting Global Politics?

The ending of the Cold War and the subsequent collapse of the Soviet Union had a dramatic impact on the global political structure, but Keith Johnson asserts both movements will be less impactful than the affects of climate change.

The changes, man-made and natural, to the global geography, are certain to bring about “an uncertain revolution, affecting the way states relate to each other and to the world around them,” which will then have impact “everything from international law to the makeup of the world’s militaries,” Johnson argues in an article in Foreign Policy.

Johnson is not alone in elevating the environment on the global stage. In June, the Vatican released “Laudato Si,” a lengthy encyclical from Pope Francis that addressed many issues, including the environment, which he defined as “one of the principal challenges facing humanity in our day.”

Time To Rethink Global Diplomacy
Fyodor Lukyanov has an editorial in The Moscow Times calling for a reexamination of the role of global diplomacy, particularly in the wake of the rise of ISIS.

“The role of diplomacy has clearly increased in the past year and its effectiveness has also risen, in spite of everything. At the same time, there are clear limits to what diplomacy can achieve. One of main events of the past year was the emergence of the Islamic State, whose ability to grow in strength despite the best efforts of politicians, diplomats and armies negates many of the gains mentioned above,” he writes.

US Says Burundi Election Was “Deeply Flawed”
Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza won a third term in office on Friday, but the US called the process “deeply flawed,” which leaves the nation politically divided and facing international isolation, reports Voice of America.

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