Saturday Headlines – Happy Independence Day

Can ISIS Survive Without Islam?
In what may be a “which came first, the chicken or the egg” question, during an appearance at the Aspen Ideas Festival Dalia Mogahed, the research director of the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, does not believe that Islam has created ISIS, but that the terrorist group is sustained by Islam.

“We start at the violence we want to conduct, and we convince ourselves that this is the correct way to interpret the texts,” she said, according to The Atlantic.

It is the group’s desired brutality driving its interpretation of the texts, rather than the text of the Koran driving its brutality.

In a related article in the Project Syndicate, scholars Daniel Chinot and Scott Montgomery examine the need for a Islamic enlightenment.

The terrorist attack in Tunisia last week which claimed the lives of 30 Britons has intensified an already tense debate in Britain about the roots of Islamic radicalism at home and abroad.

On Saturday, Tunisian President Beji Caid Essebsi declared a state of emergency, according to The New York Times citing the state news agency.

Everyday Life This Sunday, Greece will hold a critical referendum that could change the fate of the country and of Europe’s common currency. In the meantime, the average resident simply tries to make ends meet, reports The Wall Street Journal.

“For now, pain caused by capital controls is partly mitigated by the large quantity of cash in wallets and under mattresses. Greeks have been draining deposits from their banks for months. The Bank of Greece had issued around €45 billion in bank notes, or €18 billion more than its normal allocation, according to central-bank data as of the end of May,” writes Matina Stevis.

Days before the Obama administration formally announced the reopening of the American embassy in Cuba, Cuban authorities arrested the Ladies in White, and other civil society activists on twelve consecutive Sundays for marching in support of political prisoners.

On June 7, Cuban authorities beat and arrested dozens of activists in different regions of Cuba.

According to Freedom House, Cuba has been rated “not free” in their Freedom in the World 2015 and their Freedom of the Press 2015.


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