Poll Finds Most Palestinians Favor Tactical Compromise With Israel

In a new poll released by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion on July 27 found 37.7 percent of Palestinians favor a two-state solution, while 19.6 percent support a one-state solution.

David Pollock, a fellow with The Washington Institute who traveled to Palestine to advise the surveyors, notes that at the tactical level, the “most stunning statistic in this whole survey” is the finding that 74 percent of West Bankers, and fully 83 percent of Gazans, say that “Hamas should maintain a ceasefire with Israel” in both areas.

Furthermore, half or more of West Bankers would “probably” accept compromises on two major issues. On the definition of statehood, 56 percent would agree to “the principle of two states for two peoples, the Palestinian people and the Jewish people,” if that “might help to end the occupation.”

While residents of both the West Bank and Gaza back boycotts of Israel, two-thirds of West Bankers, and three-quarters of Gazans, say they “would like to see Israel allow more Palestinians to work inside Israel.”

A majority (55 percent) of those living in the West Bank, and a near-majority (48 percent) of Gazans say they would “like to see Israeli companies offer more jobs inside” those areas.

The priority of most living in the West Bank, is either “making enough money to live comfortably” (44 percent) or “having a good family life” (34 percent). In Gaza, 31 percent want to make enough money and 34 percent select a good family life.



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