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Will Britain Soon Be Great No Longer?
In the aftermath of last week’s elections in Britain, many are weighing in on the impact if the desires of the “two nationalisms” prevail. Russ Douthat of the New York Times argues that if either Scotland votes to become independent or Britain chooses to leave the European Union, Great Britain will be a mere memory.

While he acknowledges that arguments on paper are strong for both disunion and abandoning the EU, he says politicians have to be more persuasive in making their case against both movements.

“Instead, you have to argue explicitly for a Great Britain. You have to invoke the United Kingdom’s world-bestriding past, which the Scots no less than the English sustained and died defending, with something more than awkward embarrassment. You have to make a case to the Little Englanders that Britain’s multicultural, Europe-facing present can keep faith with that past and not just bury it. You have to demonstrate that a liberal empire, no less than an ethnic homeland, can be something real and rooted — something felt in “the blood and guts,’ as Massie put it during the Scottish referendum, ‘the bone and marrow of our lives.'”

How Does The Islamic State Approach Scripture?
One of the keys to effectively countering the message of ISIS might be to understand how the terrorist group actually approaches Islamic scripture.

In a recent article, Andrew March and Mara Revkin provided a detailed analysis of the Islamic State’s attempt to establish a domestic legal system that operationalizes its commitment to rule in accordance with Islamic law.

Instability In The Middle East Poses A Threat To US Security
James Fearon of the Hoover Institution argues that the failure of states in the region since the Arab Spring poses threats to U.S. security. 

Books That The Presidential Contenders Should Be Reading
The conservative Federalist magazine offers its suggestions to the 2016 presidential candidates on the foreign policy books they should be reading heading into the next election.

Role Of Public-Private Partnerships In Global Development
The Brookings Institution recently held an event discussing how public-private partnerships will reshape global development issues in the coming years. Watch the full program from May 7.

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