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Iran’s Official Account Of Nuclear Agreement Is Potential Red
Suzanne Maloney of the Brookings Institution argues that the details of the agreement as reported by the Iranian media could signal trouble ahead for an otherwise triumphant achievement of Obama’s foreign policy.

“One of the biggest red flags about today’s announcement is that while Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini issued a brief and relatively vague joint statement, there was no official text released that outlines any actual agreement among the seven parties. News of the terms of the deal began to trickle out in the Iranian media in the moments before Mogherini and Zarif spoke, and the White House followed up shortly thereafter with a two-page fact sheet,” she writes.

David Rothkopf of Foreign Policy believes the agreement was a good first step, but its benefits can’t be fully reaped until Washington comes up with a wider strategy for engaging with Iran in the Middle East.

Can Rwanda Achieve Economic Prosperity Using Singapore Model?
Is the Singapore model Africa’s economic future? Foreign Policy’s Christian Caryl writes why Rwanda’s Paul Kagame styles himself as the heir to Lee Kuan Yew.

South Sudan Plummets Towards Total Collapse
A conflict between rival ethnic factions has halted the new country’s development and brought it to the brink of economic collapse. Duncan Woodside of Jane’s Defense examines three scenarios for the country’s future, from reconciliation between the warring parties to state failure.

Somali Militants Threaten More Attacks
Two days after al-Shabab militants slaughtered 148 people in a devastating attack on a university in northeastern Kenya, the Islamic extremists issued a chilling threat that to turn the nation’s cities “blood with red,” reports The Daily Times.

Meanwhile, President Uhuru Kenyatta called on Kenyans to assist in ridding the country’s schools of the Muslim radicals who have infiltrated its campuses.

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