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American Journalist On Trial In Middle East, Another Threatened
Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian has been imprisoned in Iran for the past eight months and will face trial for “espionage and acting against national security,” according to the Iranian press.

Rezaian, who was arrested on July 22, 2014, in Tehran, has been held without charge since. The Iranian media report alleges that Rezaian was selling “economic and industrial information” about Iran, which it describes as “exactly like selling food to the enemy at a time of war.”

The report also links Rezaian to Omid Memarian, an Iranian opposition journalist working in the United States. Rezaian is expected to be tried in Iran’s revolutionary courts which focus on security offenses.

Separately, Reuters’ Baghdad bureau chief, Ned Parker, left Iraq this week after credible threats were made against his life. The threats followed a Reuters investigation into human rights abuses in the battle to retake Tikrit from the Islamic State and its aftermath. Parker was threatened on Facebook by people believed to be affiliated with Shia militias operating in Iraq and a television program funded by one of the militias “accused the reporter and Reuters of denigrating Iraq and its government-backed forces, and called on viewers to demand Parker be expelled.”

Palestinian Christians Celebrate Easter And Their Community
When the issue of Israel and Palestine is discussed, the Palestinian Christian community often is left out of the discussion. Last weekend, they gathered to celebrate Easter and to affirm their identity, reports Middle East Eye.

“Confronted by the Israeli occupation locally and an increasingly sectarian climate across the region, for the 200,000 Palestinian Christians – including about 50,000 in the West Bank – one of the most important parts of Holy Saturday is the large marches that greet the holy fire as it arrives in every town. These marches are a visible assertion of community pride and contribute to the strengthening of local identity throughout Christian Palestine,” writes Alex Shams.

Inside Boko Haram
Vice News recently embedded a correspondent with the Nigerian military in its fight with Boko Haram and has produced a three-part series which shed light on tactics used by the Nigerian army.

The first part can be viewed HERE.

The Lessons Of The Iran Agreement For Future Korean Talks
Stephen Haggard, a Krause Distinguished Professor at the Graduate School of University of California in San Diego, examines the good and bad precedents that have been established for future talks between the two Koreas if they should ever occur.

“With respect to the agreement itself, there are both good and bad precedents for the Korean talks if they were to resume. On the positive side, the inspections and monitoring regime in the interim Iranian agreement are very strong. Not only is the entire nuclear fuel cycle brought under inspection but the manufacture of centrifuges is as well. The agreement even foresees the creation of an international committee to oversee Iran’s imports of sensitive technologies,” he posits.

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