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Rwandan Genocide – What Was Really Known
President Bill Clinton claims he never knew the extent of Rwanda’s genocide. But newly released documents and testimony from U.S. diplomats call that into question, reports Foreign Policy magazine.

“An August 1992 diplomatic cable to Washington, written by Joyce Leader, the U.S. Embassy’s deputy chief of mission in Kigali, cited warnings that Hutu extremists with links to Rwanda’s ruling party were believed to be advocating the extermination of ethnic Tutsis. On the morning the killing began in April 1994, there was little doubt about what was happening in Rwanda.

According to FP, Leader told a group of former Rwandan officials that it “was clear that a systematic killing of Tutsi was taking place in neighborhoods.”

Even as the crisis intensified, the Clinton administration was more concerned about evacuating U.S. citizens from Somalia than it was on aiding Rwandans facing genocide.

“Thomas S. Blanton, the director of the National Security Archives, who moderated the 2014 discussion, said that a review of declassified State Department cables and logs of a task force set up to handle the crisis showed that 80 percent of the discussion in the United States concerned the evacuation of American citizens,” writes Colum Lynch.

Obama Faulted For Supporting Egypt’s Al-Sissi
In the Washington Post, Robert Kagan and Michele Dunne fault the Obama administration for its support of Egypt’s strongman president, Abdel Fatah al-Sissi.

In an article in The American Interest, Samuel Tadros proposes a reform agenda for Egypt’s schools to address growing extremism and intolerance.

Persecution Of Christians Did Not Begin With ISIS
Robert Fisk writes in The Independent about the long history of Christian persecution in the Middle East.

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