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US Overstates Its Performance Against ISIS
Bloomberg View reporters Josh Rogan and Lake challenge the claim made by Secretary of State John Kerry that the US has wiped out half the leadership of ISIS, in addition to other gains.

Michael Smith, a principal of the counterterrorism consulting group Kronos Advisory LLC, said his group has monitored the communications of ISIS and that they have not seen any acknowledgement of the deaths.

He goes on to say the administration should specify who has been killed because it not only “demonstrates the efficacy of our counter-campaign, and that can deter individuals from joining or supporting the Islamic State,” but that lying about it “plays right into the Islamic State’s P.R. game.”

Vatican Endorses Use Of Force
The fight against ISIS gained a moral supporter today when the Vatican endorsed the use of force to end the genocide occurring in the region.

John Allen of the Catholic newspaper Crux reports that Italian Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, the Vatican’s representative in Geneva, told him, “We have to stop this kind of genocide. Otherwise we’ll be crying out in the future about why we didn’t so something, why we allowed such a terrible tragedy to happen.”

Tomasi issued the call in an interview with Crux on the same day he presented a statement entitled “Supporting the Human Rights of Christians and Other Communities, particularly in the Middle East,” coauthored with the Russian Federation and Lebanon, to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

A Plea From Ukraine Not To Repeat The Munich Disaster
A year after Russian troops invaded Crimea, two former Czech politicians issue a call for Europe to end its resistance to taking affirmative action to push back against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Juraj Mesík, a former member of the Czechoslovak parliament and a World Bank specialist, and former adviser to the late President Václav Havel Petr Kolář lament that despite the deaths of up to 50,000 Ukrainians and Russians and with almost two million expelled from their homes, the West continues to refer to Russia’s invasion as a “conflict” or a “situation” instead of what it is: an invasion and a war.

“As citizens of a region that endured both Nazi and Soviet occupation, we know all too well the danger of euphemism,” they write.

In Short

Aaron D. Miller says there are 5 key things to watch in this week’s Israeli election.

The March 18 elections in The Netherlands could foretell the course of European elections, writes Kaj Leers of RealClearWorld.

Two explosions at churches in India kill at least 15, would almost 100 in latest Taliban attack.

Tensions between China and Myanmar are running high after Beijing accused Myanmar military aircraft of dropping a bomb in Chinese territory.

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